San Gennaro Feast Opens Today! And The Byggybeef Sandwich!

Photo courtesy of NY Magazine-Grub Street

Oh there are so many things to love about Fall..but this is definitely one of my favorites. Once you accept the crazy crowds and touristy prices, it's a fun thing to do and for me, it's all about the food. The San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy is actually a celebration of faith and redemption, but no one says you can't celebrate that with a few zeppoles in your hand and powdered sugar all over your face. I know I do. 

This is the 85th annual feast of San Gennaro, and it usually attracts nearly one MILLION people around a few blocks in Little Italy every year. If you've never been before, I'm pretty sure you can't call yourself a New Yorker. I have been to many of the restaurants in the area, and while none of them are amazing (it is Little Italy after all), I liked some better than others. I'd try Caffe Napoli (really good carbonara) at 191 Hester Street, Da Nico at 164 Mulberry Street, La Mela Ristorante at 167 Mulberry Street, Torrisi Italian Specialties at 250 Mulberry Street, Vincent's at 119 Mott Street, oh and of course, can't forget dessert at Ferrara's (195 Grand st). That place is a staple for a late night cappuccino and tiramisu. If that European way of life isn't for you, you can always indulge in a fried oreo or two from one of the vendors outside. Doesn't get more American than that!

Click here for a full listing of restaurants. 

I'm also super excited for it this year because Dewey Dufresne, father of famed chef Wylie DuFresne (of WD-50 in Manhattan), is debuting his "Byggybeef Sandwich" at the feast, and the buzz has been nonstop. The sandwich (pronounced Biggie-beef) is cleverly constructed, taking into account every.single.layer. The ciabatta bread is from Falai bakery (lightly scooped), then braised shortribs are constructed together with starches to hold it together in a block-like shape, pickled veggies, hot peppers, melted american cheese, XO-llent sauce (mayo, mustard and sweet peppers), and some pomegranate braising liquid finish it off. I'd like to try it..but I feel like there will be people throwing elbows to get at this one. Read the article here on


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