Thanksgiving Potluck Perfection: Roasted Baby Potatoes with Cippolini Onions

As much as I love the holidays, it is definitely a hectic time of year. So profound, I know, but when you need a simple potluck recipe or side dish, I will get the last laugh! Potlucks are fun, but they can be a bit trying especially if you know that there is no refrigerator or oven on premise. I was browsing Whole Foods for inspiration (doesn’t everyone do that?) and these potatoes looked so pretty and cute, I had to pick up a couple bags. Then it hit me…like a sack of potatoes…

Roasted potatoes with cippolini onions, parsley, olive oil, sea salt, and parmesan cheese. So simple, and so tasty. Perfect for a T-giving side dish or a potluck party (aka my office will be eating these today and liking it).


2 bags of baby potatoes (1 lb each)

1 8 oz. package of cippolini onions, peeled (peeling these can be a pain, so if you can find them already peeled, go for it)

1/4 cup good extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsps flat leaf parsley, chopped

1-2 tsps sea salt

pepper to taste

1/3 cup fresh grated parmigiano reggiano cheese (optional, but believe me you want this option)

Potluck potato ingredients (2)


Preheat oven to 400 F

1. Rinse potatoes and pat dry with a paper towel. Add onions to bowl and halve any that might be too big. You want everything to be relatively the same size so they cook evenly.

2. Mix olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper in a small bowl and pour over the potatoes and onions. Toss to coat.

Potluck potatoes drizzle (2)

3. Spread out evenly onto 2 baking sheets.

Potluck potatoes before (2)

4. Pop in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until fork tender. Mix them around halfway through to ensure a nice brown skin on all sides.

Potluck potatoes browned (2)

5. Remove from oven and toss with the parm cheese.

Potluck potatoes parm 1 (2)


Potluck potatoes 2 (2)
Thanksgiving Nums


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