Blah Brunch at Le Comptoir

You know when you read a menu of a restaurant online and get really excited? Then you sit down for a meal only to find out that it’s disappointing and not at all what you imagined? I have had dates like this. But this weekend I had brunch like this. Le Comptoir sounded so promising, but I left feeling kind of blah and probably wouldn’t go back. Between the blah service and blah food, I could probably sum up this review in three words: blah, blah, blah.

OK wait. There was ONE thing I enjoyed from the brunch menu, and that was the croque madame. I mean, it’s a French bistro – they better know how to make a damn croque madame. The bread was crusty, the ham and cheese was melty and sharp, and the egg was fried to perfection but not overdone. Very tasty.

mm cheesy!

My short rib eggs benedict sounded like heaven, but everything was overcooked except the eggs (fortunately). The eggs were actually beautifully poached, but the meat was a little tough and oversalted, the potatoes were bordering on burnt, and the English Muffin was burnt. Fortunately I like burnt toast, so that was fine, but then the hollandaise was cold and coagulated too (as you can see below, I always get the hollandaise on the side just in case of a situation like this). BLAH! Way to ruin my favorite brunch dish.

photos taken with my new iPhone fyi...neat!

The service in Williamsburg rarely ceases to amaze me. Slow, slow, slow. Some places actually have a handle on what it means to provide good service (Egg), but the waitstaff here literally ignored my attempts at getting their attention. I hate when a place is so laid back that they can’t be bothered to notice that you’re jumping out of your chair waving a napkin in the air just to get someone to bring you a damn cup of coffee. BLAH.

Ok so that’s about it. I know people who say they have had great meals here, but personally, I wouldn’t go back unless I was in the area (like a block away), starving, really cold, and locked out of my apt or something.



Le Comptoir

251 grand Street



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