Cherry Valley: Sandwich Mecca in Queens

I’m sure I have written about this before – some of the greatest sandwiches ever created. If you’re from Queens and don’t know about Cherry Valley, you’re either an imposter or you’re just plain silly. Frequented by the 4 am club crowd and the stoners, Cherry Valley in Whitestone never ceases to provide us with that one thing we’re craving in the middle of the night: greasy, fatty goodness on bread. Is that not what you crave in the middle of the night..?

There are many sandwiches that Cherry Valley is known for: the TCS (which we think might stand for The Chicken Sandwich but no one knows in my circle), The Bushman, and The Beast. I feel like those are the three standards. Oh and The Couch, which is actually not a sandwich, it’s the CV version of poutine – fries, cheese, gravy. Nom. So Cherry Valley makes amazing gravy, and they put it on all of the sandwiches mentioned above. Insider tip: always ask for extra gravy. Sometimes they skimp on that and when it’s 2 am and you need a fix…that just ain’t right. So here’s the breakdown of the three sandwiches:

TCS: chicken cutlet, american cheese, gravy. Simple and delicious.

The Bushman: chicken cutlet, american cheese, bacon, gravy on garlic bread. It’s the TCS on steroids and it is heaven.

The Beast (pictured above): chicken cutlet, swiss cheese, onion rings, bacon, gravy. I can’t even tell you how much I love the Beast. I’d like to make a home with it. I devoured one on Friday night in a silk shirt and skinny jeans. There might have been gravy on my face, but I’m sure I looked classy anyway.

Take the trip one day…you will not be sorry. And if you actually LIVE in Queens, I hear they deliver now. A luxury I did not have when I lived there…sigh…think they’ll deliver to Williamsburg??


Cherry Valley

1229 150th Street

Whitestone, Queens

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  1. I just recently found out to much surprise that they are open during hours of daylight as well.

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