Oh Hello…



Don’t worry, you are not losing it – you are still in the right place. The Skinny Pig has gone under some reconstructive surgery! Hooray!
I am now a WordPress blog, and as you can tell, there have been some changes to the design and layout. There’s also a nifty little search bar on top that you can use to search for restaurants and recipes! NEAT. And please take a moment to check out the Facebook widget and “Like” this blog…because let’s face it, you know you do.
I’m still working out some kinks here and there with the amazing team over at GFQ (SunKast, Andrew you guys rock), but I’ll still be posting so stay tuned for more updates.
Major thanks to YOU for reading and thanks to NYC for keeping me hungry!


  1. The new Site looks great !! Congrats Dara!!

  2. Love it

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