Late Brunch at Two Door Tavern

Thanks to a rather unpleasant experience with Four Loko the night before this, I didn’t drag myself out of bed until the afternoon, so I couldn’t take advantage of the drink that comes with the brunch deal for $14.95 (one Bloody Mary, Mimosa or draft beer with your entree), but I still had a late brunch with a good friend, a rather large serving of fried onion straws, a giant grilled cheese, and washed it all down with an iced tea. Ahhh hangovers.

Two Door Tavern has popped up on my radar a few times and I never managed to make it over there even though it’s five blocks from my apartment. The bi level space is what I like to call Williamsburg-chic: lots of wood, glass fixtures, no frills. I have to admit that I think their regular menu sounds more intriguing than their brunch menu, but it was still good and I would definitely go back. I ordered the Tuscan Grilled Cheese with mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, sliced tomato, and sun dried tomato aioli. The sandwich comes with fries or onion straws, and I am a sucker for onion straws (not to be confused with rings) so I opted for those. Onion straws are very, very thinly sliced onions, battered and fried to crispy and slightly spicy perfection – Two Door Tavern serves them with a spicy ketchup that was just perfect. The sandwich on the other hand was a little cold; a grilled cheese should be nice and HOT. This was not. The taste was good (and loaded with prosciutto) so it was kind of upsetting, and I thought about sending it back for a reheat, but it took a while to arrive in the first place so I thought better of that plan and just ate the slightly cold sandwich.

Tuscan Grilled Cheese and fried onion straws

Ange (my late brunch date) ordered the Maple Pecan Chicken Sandwich with sweet potato fries. The sandwich is a chicken cutlet with baby spinach, tomato, and honey balsamic sauce on focaccia. The sweet potato fries are also served with a cinnamon-honey dipping sauce, which Ange was a BIG fan of – sweet and creamy, it made the fries almost taste like a dessert. She is a sauce-nut, so I trust her opinion on these things – I tasted a few (with and without sauce) and they were yum.

Maple Pecan Chicken Sandwich and sauces

I really want to go back to Two Door Tavern for the regular menu…fried pickles, bacon wrapped stuffed dates, homemade pigs in a blanket, philly cheese steak spring rolls…yes. I need that in my life soon. And if you do go for brunch, please note that they have red velvet pancakes on the menu. I didn’t try them but they sound glorious.


Two Door Tavern

116 North 5th Street (btwn Bedford and Berry)


Website/Menu: Two Door Tavern

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