Magnolia’s Spring Treats!

If someone asked you to go to a tasting at Magnolia Bakery, what would you do? Jump over cabs and knock over children to get there? Yes. I would say that’s the correct sentiment. I had such a moment last week when I went to Magnolia’s Upper West Side location to try out their Spring collection of treats; I didn’t knock over any children, but I did break a sweat walking over.

Obviously Magnolia is known for their cupcakes; I happen to love their banana pudding too, but that wasn’t offered at the tasting. Sad face. That said, the Hummingbird cupcakes, Easter Egg Brownie Bites, Matzoh Crunch, and Strawberry Puree Icebox Cake more than made up for it. The Hummingbird cupcake is made with pineapples, banana and pecans inside, with that famous cream cheese frosting on top. Rarely do I like the actual cupcake as much as the frosting, but this one won me over. Big time.

Mini Hummingbird Cupcakes - delish

The icebox cake looked almost too pretty to eat, but believe me I ate it. It didn’t take long to overcome that hesitation. Delicious strawberry puree is whipped into fresh whipped sweet cream and chocolate. This creamy cake is served chilled. Wonderful for a summer treat.

Pretty icebox cake

Matzoh crunch! Who knew Magnolia could make such a great Passover dessert? Definitely would have been the last place I checked, but YUM. Matzoh Crunch is sheets of matzoh covered in homemade buttercrunch candy and chocolate, then drizzled with white chocolate and toffee bits. It has that salty/sweet crunch and the caramel will stick to your teeth a bit, but it’s worth it.

Mmm Matzoh Crunch

My next favorite cupcake had to be the Devil’s food with edible images on top. These make a great party favor since you can put any image on top – think Bachelorette Party, Engagement, Bridal Shower, and of course, who doesn’t love a personalized birthday cupcake? The cake is chocolatey and moist, while the thick layer of frosting is covered in crystal sugar.

Look how cute!

Magnolia has a whole collection of confections if none of the above appeal to you (which obviously means you’re crazy), so check out their menu here online and stop in for a visit. You can’t call yourself a New Yorker if you’ve never had Magnolia!


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