It’s My Birthday!

The sad part: I’m turning 28. The happy part: I get to eat cake. And peanut butter. I ordered this cake in a jar thing the other day from a company called Bananappeal (get it??), which is banana cake in a jar, covered with frosting and you can eat it straight out of the jar! Who knew? I ordered the banana cake with peanut butter frosting on top and a chocolate peanut butter cup stuck in the middle of it. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I’m very excited to try it and will report back. I will also point out the fact that it’s my birthday and I brought in my own cake to work. No big deal.

And since today I can eat all the PB I want and not feel guilty, I would also love these Minis of the Month from Baked by Melissa…they’re Peanut Butter Fluff! Someone out there get on that please.. 🙂

And check out Bananappeal too while you’re at it..

Happy Birthday to me!

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