Nothing is Impossible in Dubai!

I’m back from Dubai. I’ve been back actually…but I’ve been lazy and busy with the good old day job. Forgive me. I had an amazing trip with some amazing people, all thanks to my good friend Greg. Greg and I have known each other since we were kids…literally 12 years old. We’ve been through a lot together; from me getting hit by a car to Greg joining the army right after 9/11 (true stories), we have managed to stay very close despite the long distances and minor differences. We do have one thing in common though: we don’t pass up a good time! And even though I don’t have much to rave about in terms of the food (how much grilled chicken and hummus can a person eat?!), I still have to give a HUGE thanks and a BIG hug to Greg…you gave us all a trip we will never forget. See below for some bits and bites from this RIDICULOUS trip…

Our house on the beach in the Palm Islands. What a DUMP.
Burj Khalifa – tallest building in the world
Forever one of the boys…
This is how Greg rolls. Who am I to argue?
Just a little brunch party at Yalumba..
Sorry for Party Rockin!
Me and Greggers! aka The Dabbler
Dune bashing anyone? BARF

Allow me to explain. We did a girls-only trip to do some dune bashing, camel riding, hookah smoking, and henna tattooing. It was a really great day, but I could do without the dune bashing. Especially whilst hungover. I’d say at least two of the girls were vomiting, one was crying, and I was just dry heaving. But at least I owned Sandboarding, right? Like a BOSS…

Sandboarding! Before…
anddd after. I tried.
Me and Roxanne on a camel! they stink.
Me and my travel buddy, John L

Jumping back in here for a second. Because I HAVE TO talk about John L’s eating habits. Sorry John, but this is too good to not share (especially since you’re friends with me, the foodie). I think I will call John’s diet “The Simple and Saturated Fats Diet”. He eats all the things you and I wish to eat on a daily basis, but don’t, for fear of becoming the size of a houseboat. See above: John is not a houseboat. Annoying right? This is his diet: pizza (Dominos or Pizza Hut), fries, cookies, chocolate confections (preferably chocolate cake), and pasta with butter and cheese. I’m not kidding even a little bit. Bravo John L – you might be the REAL Skinny Pig.

High Tea at the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7 star hotel
Always room for dessert at High Tea..MMYESSS
View of the marina
Mmm BBQ.

Fortunately Dubai focuses mainly on meat, rice, and vegetables. A lot of Lebanese and Turkish cuisine. The fish was not very good in Dubai – I don’t know why I was surprised by that, but it was very fishy and not fresh. So if you find yourself in Dubai…stick to the chicken entrees. I didn’t have ONE chicken dish that was bad…and we ate a lot of chicken. Even the chicken on the Domino’s BBQ chicken pizza was delish!

Us…in full burkas at the Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi. Not hot at all.

The craziest part about the mosque trip, aside from the fact that it was about 300 degrees outside, was that it was the most culturally shocking thing we experienced the entire trip. Everything in Dubai is very touristy and America-friendly; but at the mosque, you’re not even allowed to have your HAIR sticking out of the head scarves. One of our burkas unbuttoned on the bottom and a security guard rushed right over to button it up. It was a beautiful place – huge, opulent, sacred. We appreciated being there, but I can’t say I wasn’t happy when I took that burka off. The women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have earned our respect, that’s for sure.

Love this pic.. 🙂
this pic is all kinds of amazing. On his iPhone. in the middle of the desert.
Thanks to El Dablero!!
This about sums it up

I miss this…but I am also glad to be back, where I can eat things like a juicy burger with foie gras (coming soon!), and wear sleeveless tops to work. This heat wave we’re experiencing is nothing compared to Dubai heat in June/July. Much love to Greg, John L, Corey, Mara, Roxanne, Victoria, Charlsie, Megan, Mishelle, and Jess. “Nothing is Impossible!”

Bye bye Dubai!




  1. John Liston

    For the record, I prefer Normal pizzeria style pizza but when im out of the country I can always count on Dominos or Pizza Hut as a safe reliable meal.

  2. Is Greg single? Lololol…

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