Sandy Sucks and Sandy Snacks

The after-effects of Superstorm Sandy have been devastating to New York and New Jersey; Breezy Point, the Rockaways, Howard Beach, Staten Island, and even the love-to-hate-it Jersey Shore have been destroyed. Watching the news this past week and seeing all of the people who have lost their homes and loved ones was a real eye opener, and truly one of the saddest things to witness. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky groups in Brooklyn who didn’t suffer any damage to my apartment, or lose power, water, and heat. My friend Inbal and I were holed up in my place for a week…so we cooked, ate, and drank. Then repeat. And repeat again. I felt a bit like a waste of space, and I didn’t do much, but I did donate to the Red Cross, to help those in need during this tough time. I suggest you do the same. There are also multiple shelters around the city that are collecting clothes as well. Then I will share some pics from my cooking and eating ventures aka #sandysnacks.

Red Cross: Make a Donation!

Here’s another list of organizations you can look into that are helping the Sandy relief efforts: Charity Navigator

You can also check out pics of Sandy’s wrath on Instagram and donate via Red Cross here: Hurricane Sandy and How You Can Help

And follow me on Instagram while you’re at it: DaraP411

Now for some eye candy…

SandySnacks #1:

Nutella and strawberry grilled sammie..

SandySnacks #2:

Homemade pizza with fresh mozz, tomatoes, garlic and basil

 SandySnacks #3:

PB oatmeal cookie dough cheesecake bars. Um yea that happened.

SandySnacks #4:

Straight. Up. BACON.

SandySnacks #5:

When life hands you make bacon, egg, and cheese on a biscuit.

SandySnacks #6:

Bacon cheeseburger from JG Melon. A classic.


Welp that’s enough of that. All that food has given me my own gravitational pull I’m sure.

As for the Sandy survivors, please help in any way you can – New York is my home, and I was lucky enough to keep my home. Tens of thousands of others were not so lucky.

Be safe.


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