Olive Penguins and Recipe

If there is one thing I love about the holidays (aside from the presents and the fact that everything smells like cinnamon), it’s the entertaining and all the fun parties you get to partake in. Last night I attended my best friend Alexis’ Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, where we were all tasked with bringing food and a gift. Food is for eating. Gift is for Yankee Swap (or White Elephant, as I am told it is also called). Anyway, I made these delightful little penguins out of olives and carrots because Alexis LOVES penguins – so I thought it would be a cute idea and I stumbled across the recipe online at Buzzfeed. Not too difficult, but it is a bit tedious so if you don’t have a ton of patience, this might not be the treat for you. But they’re so damn cute! No one wanted to eat them.

like edible Happy Feet!

Here is one thing you definitely need to be aware of. Don’t keep them too close to the liquor, because they might wander off the plate and have their own little penguin party. And then you will have this…a bunch of wasted penguins falling all over the place, rolling off the counter, etc. Holiday parties are the death of everyone, apparently.

they just cant hold their booze.


Recipe here at Food-Life Balance.

Skinny Pig Note: I used regular cream cheese because…it’s better. But I also suggest using large or jumbo olives for the body, and medium olives for the head. It was a bit easier.

Happy Holidays!

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