Fette Sau – Worth The Wait? Maybe

So I have been living in Williamsburg for three years now, and I have never been to Fette Sau up until recently. Yes. You can virtually slap me now. I’ve been hearing about this place for years but every time I walk by it it’s a mob scene, and I have little patience for lines, and my stomach has even littlier patience. If I see long waits ahead, that’s usually reason enough for me to jump ship or rule it out entirely. BUT, last week I waited it out…and waited…and waited…and I want to say it was worth the wait, but I also think you can get comparable barbecued meats at Hill Country for way less wait time.

Now don’t get me wrong, Fette Sau was certainly good food. Good meat, good sides, all GOOD. But the line is long, it’s pricey, and it is SLOW. It’s not one of those situations where you jump on line and say, “oh, its long but it moves fast, don’t worry”. No, no. NO. This is straight up, “I don’t understand why this line isn’t moving any faster”. Me and my friend Kate fortunately had some stuff to catch up on, so it was fine, but in a perfect world, no one should wait this long for meat. Meat that is already cooked, and sitting in it’s delectable juices just waiting to be carved and served. Just sayin. And another thing? They’re kind of rude. The girl who scooped my sauerkraut into a container and rang me up handed me my receipt and put emphasis on “fill all of this out, please” aka leave a tip. I’m sorry but…you scooped kraut into a container. You don’t get a tip for that. I don’t tip the chick at McDonald’s for scooping my fries into a carton and those are some delicious fries. So when Kate went to pay, the girl banged the tip jar on the counter. BANGED THE TIP JAR. Really? Ok. Good luck with that attitude.

the selection.. drool worthy
the selection.. drool worthy

So once we actually got our food…it went something like this: 5 minutes of Instagramming, then once our plates were suitably arranged for photography, we attacked them. I got the brisket and “burnt ends” baked beans, Kate got the pulled pork and broccoli salad. My TRUE foodie friends know it is NEVER ok to get the same things that I get, because variety is key and sharing is caring. Both of us got the sausage though, because…you can never have enough sausage. AMIRITE?! HEYOOO.

The brisket was money, but I have to say the sausage and kraut combo was killer. The spicy mustard they have on hand at the table is the perfect compliment, and the textures of hot sausage (hehe) and cold kraut was amazing. Also, everything is served with two potato buns, which is glorious – I LOVE a good potato bun. So we made some sandwiches out of them, obviously.

Brisket and beans. 'MURICA!
Brisket and beans. ‘MURICA!

The pulled pork was very good, but honestly, I found myself adding a lot of the BBQ sauce from the table. Maybe it’s because I like BBQ sauce, but maybe it was also a little on the dry side.


Burnt ends baked beans. So…this is delicious. You need this in your life. If someone put it in a feedbag and tied it to my neck I’d be ok with it. These are standard baked beans, BUT Fette Sau adds in the burnt ends from the brisket and pulled pork. OHHHHH. GODDDDD. I was fishing through the beans looking for the burnt ends, not gonna lie. Worth every digestive problem that may ensue after.

See the ends being mixed in?? GLORY.
See the ends being mixed in?? GLORY.

On the opposite end of the spectrum was the broccoli salad – really crisp and refreshing. A garlic/oil/chili-spiked concoction bathes the broccoli and infuses it with flavor. Just delightful. You’ll want to get this, if only to feel like you’re doing SOMETHING good to your body.

As stated earlier, the wait is long, and the price is a bit much, but if you’re a big BBQ fan, this should probably be on your list of places to try. You won’t regret it, but make sure you time it correctly: faint hunger is where you want to be, so by the time you get to the counter, you’ve reached the point of homeless starvation.


Fette Sau

354 Metropolitan Ave


Website: Fette Sau 


  1. Happy coinkidink. Never been, but yet again another semi-happy recommendation. Gotta get here one of these days. And yes, I’ve got to stop saying “I’ve gotta get here one of these days” and actually get here one of these days. LOL…

  2. BTW, before and instead of actually searching, our BBQ destination of choice is by far Dinosaur in Harlem. Could be better and could be worse, but between Donkey Punch inebriation and the awesome mac and cheese, deviled eggs and the Ode To Elgin combo, never been to Dinosaur and regretted it — ever.

    Ever LOL

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