Win A $25 Zagat Dining Gift Card!

You know the name, but you most likely don’t know how to pronounce it. I always try to rhyme it with “the cat”. Try it out: the cat…Zagat. One more time: the cat…Zagat.

Good. Hope that helps.

Zagat is giving you a chance to win a $25 Dining Gift Card! I love a good contest, and this one is really perfect for you, my fellow foodie readers. This isn’t like an Amex Gift Card (no offense to Amex), where you can also use it to buy a leather jacket. This is for a specific audience, but with varying tastes. “But Dara”, you say, “I can buy a gift card from almost any restaurant these days.” Yes, that’s true, but you can’t always be sure what foodies will be in the mood for when hunger strikes; so why not give them the gift of food without limiting them to just ONE restaurant? This is NYC – we get bored easily and there’s always a new place to try. Now that we’re on the same page…

HOW DO I ENTER?! All you have to do is Like my Facebook Page and then leave a comment/post. Doesn’t matter what the comment is. Say something about Food. Say something about Zagat. Or say anything like John Cusack…

The contest runs from today, 11/19, through 11/25. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 11/27.

Good luck readers! Fine print (but not really fine):

The Zagat Dining Card is accepted at participating Zagat-rated restaurants in New York City, District of Columbia (DC), and Chicago. The Zagat Dining Card program is managed by Smartbox Experience, Inc. and cards are issued by Sunrise Banks, Member FDIC. The Zagat mark, branding and content are owned by Google, Inc.

Best part is, there’s no expiration date, and it can be used at multiple restaurants (as long as there are sufficient funds on the card). Using it is super simple too: redeem the card by e-mail, by printing it out, or display it on your cell phone when visiting one of the participating Zagat-rated restaurants.


Example: Zagat Gift Card at the $50 denomination
Example: Zagat Dining Gift Card at the $50 denomination

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