Potlikker: Not Just a Funny Name, Good Food Too

Something exciting has been happening lately…I have been dining out in Williamsburg more! I KNOW. I have lived here for 4 years and I am just starting to ramp up. Honestly, I have always wanted to be more active in the BK dining scene, but few people actually want to come to BK. “It’s so far” and “I dont like hipsters” are the most common excuses. IT’S 6 MINUTES FROM UNION SQUARE ON THE L AND I DON’T LIKE HIPSTERS EITHER. BUT SOMETIMES THEY KNOW HOW TO SLING A SPATULA.

So we stopped into Potlikker the other day on a whim…and walked out full and happy. I had heard good things about it via the interwebs, so not all too surprised there. We started with the pretzel (which comes with beer cheese – yum) and the chicken liver mousse and toast. If you’ve never had beer cheese, I recommend you try it. It has a VERY sharp and strong flavor though, so some people may not be down with it. I happen to love it. Beer + cheese = what’s not to love?!

Also those pickled things were a delight..
Also those pickled things were a delight..

Honestly, same can be said for chicken liver pate or in this case, mousse. Growing up half-Jew, I know my way around a chicken liver pate or two. I also happen to love this, but this one wasn’t the best I’ve had. I think it was the fact that it was mousse – I prefer a pate-esque texture. That said, just eat the toast it comes with – it’s like buttery, delicious, sourdough Texas toast. Oh and it also comes with a small side of caramelized shallots, which can be spread on top of the mousse or used alone on that glorious bread.

It's good, but not as good as Safta's.
It’s good, but not as good as Safta’s.

Now for the main events. Duck banh mi (who knew?) and fried chicken sandwich (we know). I had never heard of a duck banh mi, so Tom convinced me to try it (basically so he could play it safe with the chicken sandwich…I know his game by now). The duck was like a cutlet, or “croquette” as they call it, so it was super tender with a crunchy crust, then topped with shaved ham (it works trust me), cucumber, blood orange, cilantro (ew), and sweet & sour shallots on ciabatta. Mmmmm. A must try, for sure.

Mmm duck and ham.
Mmm duck and ham.

That said, I would have made love to Toms sandwich: buttermilk fried chicken on a Martins potato bun (ESSENTIAL) with sweet & sour cucumbers. So simple, but so good! It was on the small side though, which was a bit upsetting, but I guess I’m at the age where I should stop eating fried chicken by the bucket…?

Good things come in small packages?
Good things come in small packages?

Oh also, all sandwiches come with potato salad or curly fries. You get the curly fries. Because they are seasoned with Old Bay.

And that’s all, folks. Say it once, say it loud, I’m a POTLIKKER and I’m proud. *laughs to self*



338 Bedford Ave (btwn S 2nd and S 3rd)


Menu: Potlikker


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