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I normally don’t post about fast-casual restaurants like this, but I really liked this one! Therefore, I’m going to make it a fast-casual post. See what I did there? I get more and more clever as the years roll by…

Fact: EXKi is a healthy, fast casual restaurant that just opened on Park Ave between 20th and 21st street.

Fun Fact: EXKi is a play on the word “exquis”, which is French for “exquisite”

Fact: EXKi was actually started in Brussels, Belgium.

Fun Fact: So is that place that no one can pronounce, Le Pain Quotidien. Ok, I can pronounce it.

Fact: EXKi is a certified “Green” restaurant – no plastic here!

Fun Fact: If you go to their website and check out the menu, you’ll see the stories behind the names of the foods! I learned quite a bit about their sandwiches today…

Fact: Sandwiches are delicious and a classic lunch food. I tried the Vermont Yard, which is a gorgeous blend of edamame hummus, creamy Vermont goat cheese (hence the name!), organic mesclun greens, and honey on multigrain ciabatta. So filling and so satisfying. Home run.

Fact: I love vegetables. I love cheese. So I LOVED the oven roasted hot dish called “In the Now”. My favorite root veggies, garlic, tomato, onion and swiss cheese, baked together into a delightful little parchment-lined dish. Another fact: it doesn’t have to be winter to enjoy hot veggies.

I know it doesn't LOOK amazing, but it was really tasty.
I know it doesn’t LOOK amazing, but it was really tasty.

Fact: I also love pasta. EXKi has these little “Duo Salads” that you grab, shake around to mix together, and eat. I tried the Summer Mix, which was penne pasta, red pepper emulsion, kale, artichoke, sundried tomato, mozzarella, and pesto. Perfect portion size too!

Shake, shake, shake...
Shake, shake, shake…

Fun Fact: EXKi has little bottles of salad dressing they sell, and they’re too damn cute.

Diminutive dressings.
Diminutive dressings.

Fact: Belgium is also known for their chocolate, and EXKi has a selection of desserts as well ranging from classic tarte tatin, to chocolate bundt cake.

Fun Fact: Dr. Evil is from Belgium too. And the Austin Powers movies are hilarious, so that’s another reason you should check it out. Dr Evil belgian


257 Park Ave South (btwn 20th and 21st st)

Website: EXKi

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