Win Two Tickets to The Mac Daddy!

Some of you might remember The Big Cheesy from last year – it was a grilled cheese competition and it was glorious. Well, the same people who brought you that cheesy affair bring you another variety to sink your teeth into: A MAC AND CHEESE COMPETITION.


What: The Mac Daddy

When: Saturday, July 19th and Sunday, July 20th. Tickets available for one-hour time slots between 11 am – 7 pm daily.

Where: Openhouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street

Why: Because mac and cheese is F-ing delicious?

Actually why: Time Out NY has curated six of the city’s best mac and cheese vendors, and are pinning them against each other for the chance to win the readers (and eaters) votes for the best mac and cheese in NYC. The pressure…is…ON.

What you get: Unlimited mac and cheese tastings (YES) and two Goose Island beers (also YES).


How you can win two tickets:

1. Follow me on Instagram. @skinnypignyc. This is part of the process and also shameless self promotion. I’m unemployed. Zero fucks are given.

2. I am going to post a picture this week of a mac and cheese dish I had recently with a delightful meat topping. First person who comments and guesses the mystery meat wins the tickets. Pretty simple. Just keep an eye on that insta!

3. When the winner is crowned, I will set everything up for you via Openhouse Gallery’s lovely team, and all you have to do is show up with a guest and EATĀ ALL THE THINGS. Helpful tip: cheese bloats you. Stretchy pantsĀ are encouraged.


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