Dinner at Sauce – An Instant Favorite

There is so much I can say about Sauce, but the only word you need to retain here is this one:



Got it? It’s so damn good. Sauce is located on the LES and is one of the sister restaurants to Frank Restaurant in the East Village, and owned by Frank Prisinzano, aka the master of pasta and…well…sauce? Seriously every time I go to one of his restaurants, I fall in love all over again. The pasta is usually hand made, the sauce (or “gravy” as it is referred to sometimes) is amazing, and the ambiance usually makes you feel like you’re sitting in Nonna’s house waiting for Sunday supper. I don’t even have a Nonna but damn it I want one.

I always start with the garlic bread. It’s super cheesy and loaded with fresh garlic, broiled to bubbly hot perfection on thick Italian bread. Heads up: only one piece per order so if you’re on a date (and it’s perfect for that) make sure you get two. Sharing food is great and all, but I’ll be damned if someone tries to take half of my garlic bread.

(this pic is from Frank resto, but it's the same I swear)
(this pic is from Frank resto, but it’s the same I swear)

Also start with the burrata or straciatella. Or any form of mozzarella cheese they offer with tomato. They were out of burrata which was upsetting (SERIOUSLY LOOK AT IT), but they had stracciatella, which was also amazing. Stracciatella is like the inside of burrata – that super creamy, delicious part. This one was put in between two thick slices of tomato and topped with black sea salt. It’s…absolutely perfect.

I'm drooling again.
I’m drooling again.

The pastas, again, are handmade and oh so good. If you want to stick with the classic, that would be the pappardelle with “grandmother’s tomato gravy” and grass-fed beef bolognese. Honestly, my mom makes a great bolognese (and she’s not even Italian) but this one is pretty damn delicious too. I had the cavatelli pasta with tomato gravy and fresh ricotta on top. I love cavatelli pasta in any way, but this one in all it’s ricotta-topped glory was heaven. Cool ricotta cheese and hot pasta: it’s sexy and you know it. I couldn’t really move after this meal, but it was worth it.

I will love you forever, cavatelli.
I will love you forever, cavatelli.

There is plenty of the menu I still haven’t eaten at Sauce, so I assure you I will be back.



78 Rivington Street (corner of Allen)


Sauce dinner menu: Click here

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