Broken Face Diet: This Is The End

Beautiful friend.

The end.

Sorry. Had to show some love for The Doors.

I also have to show my love for takeout.

I am on my last week of this diet and I have already begun pushing the boundaries of what I can or cannot eat. In other words, I have stopped caring. See crunchy fried asparagus above (from Frtizls Lunchbox in BK – SO good). Jaw exercises have become “how far can you pry your mouth open USING a sandwich??” Seriously. I did that.

I also had an egg roll the other day. And I was able to bite into it! Exciting times. Oh you crunchy, greasy cylinder of wonder and flavor. Come to me.

Praise chinese food.
Praise chinese food. #blessed

I also went absolutely HAM on Seamless this week. The inside of my fridge looks like it’s having a Tupperware party. Here’s a screenshot of a snapchat I sent from my pizza binge on Halloween weekend (my friends like to save some of my truly fat moments). BUT I MEAN COME ON IT’S PIZZA. I haven’t had it in so long. It was so good and worth every bite (and chew). Grandma Roses in Williamsburg is one of my new Seamless faves. For straight up pizza, I always go to Vinnies, but their tortellini soup and panda fries are awesome.

I have a problem.
let the Fat Flag fly.
that tortellini soup is amazing, btw.
there was more. couldn’t fit in one pic. kinda like me.

Oh and panda fries are wedge fries topped with vodka sauce, provolone cheese, and then baked. It’s…some kind of black magic. But I’m ok with it. No picture though – it doesn’t photograph well. Like me on my left side.

My next challenge is going to be a burger. Or maybe THIS pile of heaven from Pies & Thighs in Williamsburg. If you haven’t had this sandwich, you need to drop everything and RUN to it. Then hold it in your hands and sing to it. It’s. That. Good. The components: chicken cutlet, biscuit, hot sauce, honey butter. THE HONEY BUTTER. Ask for extra because you will want to use it as lotion. Aint no shame in that game.

There is only love here.
There is only love here.

Please stay tuned for my adventures in eating, now that I’m basically back in the game.





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