Awesome Lunch Special at Boulton & Watt

Normally when I hear the term “lunch special”, an image of chicken with broccoli and an egg roll pops up in my head. Not that that’s a bad thing, but that is NOT what we’re talking about here at Boulton & Watt. Their lunch special is pretty awesome, and I was really impressed with the burger. Oh yea, I can sort of eat those again! It’s a challenge, but I unhinged my jaw somewhat and made it happen. YAY.

Here’s the lunch deal:

For just $15, you can take down their signature Boulton Burger (or any sandwich), any 1 jar of pickles (or things that are pickled), fries, and a draft beer. Unfortunately I can’t eat burgers without bacon or caramelized onions, so that’s an additional fee. But hey, I make sacrifices for the things that are worth it. Next time I would do a fried egg though. Oh and the fries were PERFECTION. Crispy, shoestring style, and the right amount of salt.



AND did I mention they have sriracha at Boulton & Watt?! That’s honestly reason enough to go in the first place. Not enough restaurants carry sriracha. It’s a crime, really.

Prior to that monstrosity, we had the frisee and apple salad to start. I know, you’re not used to me writing and raving about salads, but this one had bacon vinaigrette and parmesan crisps in it. Aka, it was SO GOOD. I wouldn’t have even gotten that if the manager (hi Ryan!) didn’t suggest it. Like I said, I tend to gravitate towards animal fats on top of carbs…


The pickle selection changes seasonally, but currently you can choose from bourbon jalapeños, green beans with dill and garlic, cherry peppers with house brine, and more. Depending on your pickle choice, the team at Boulton can suggest the perfect beer pairing from their selection of 10 rotating drafts.

Because we’re fat people, we got the salad and the mac and cheese on the side too, for an additional cost. Sorry we’re not sorry. The mac and cheese was creamy and delicious, only downside here was that I asked for bacon in it, and there was no bacon. Sad day. So yes, they screwed that part up, but it was still tasty. They just need to know their audience next time…normally when people forget my bacon they lose an eye.


Also, now that I freelance more and find myself without an office, it should be mentioned that Boulton & Watt has free FREE WIFI (and an abundance of outlets)! If my MacBook didn’t weigh 300 pounds I would bring it in and make it a working lunch…and then probably stay through the ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR FROM 12-7. That’s right: $5 draft beers, $5 wines and $8 specialty cocktails.


BRUNCH! Sat/Sun, 10-4, with $5 mimosas, Bloody Marys, and sangria.

Don’t mind if I do.

Boulton & Watt
5 Avenue A (corner of Ave A and 1st Street)
Website and menu link: Boulton & Watt 

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