Poutine Week: Officially My Favorite Week

I’ve been so busy cooking that I have forgotten about my other favorite hobby…JUST PLAIN EATING.

So I would like to give a little round up of some of my eating escapades lately, accompanied by magical food porn as per usual. Sadly the lighting wasn’t ideal here, but I did what I could…

Let’s start with Poutine Week, which I had the pleasure of experiencing via Mile End Deli, one of my favorite sandwich spots in the city. Who doesn’t love a good smoked meat sandwich on rye with a shmear of mustard? This half Jew definitely does. I also got down with the chopped liver plate. Mmmm chopped liver. Theirs was ALMOST as good as my Safta’s…and that’s saying a lot. And I hope she doesn’t see this and kill me for saying that…

Fun fact: The peeps who run Mile End are the same peeps who run Black Seed Bagels. #themoreyouknow

poutine duo

The poutine options were PLENTIFUL during Poutine Week, and I had trouble deciding which one to get. Here were the options:

Chilaquiles Poutine (fries, fried egg, red onion, cilantro – ew – cheese curds, salsa verde and crema)

Smoked Meat Burger Poutine (fries, chopped smoked meat burger, red onion, and american cheese sauce)

The Fat Jewish Poutine (fries, beef tongue, hot dog, salami, bacon, cheese curds, and gravy)

Philly Style Roast Pork (fries, roast pork, broccoli rabe, cheese curds, and gravy)

Italian Poutine (fries, smoked meat bolognese, fresh mozz, and gravy)

All sound delicious, I know. My love for The Fat Jewish on Instagram was calling my name, but at the same time, the smoked meat burger poutine and it’s “american cheese sauce” was pumping an insane amount of love and adrenaline through my clogged arteries, so I got that one. I really enjoyed the cheese sauce and the smoked meat burger was really delicious even on it’s own – such a good flavor. I asked for extra cheese sauce on the side though. I did.

poutine smoked meat

Because you can’t just try one poutine during poutine week, we also got the philly style roast pork, which was actually my favorite of the two. I would have never thought that broccoli rabe would have a place in poutine, but it did, and it was AWESOME. The roast pork was so tender, and the salty cheese curds and gravy mixed into it was like a texture and flavor threesome in my mouth. All about it.

poutine philly

If you haven’t been to Mile End yet, I suggest you go. Yes it is sad that Poutine Week is no longer going on, but they have two types of poutine on the regular menu! The classic (fries, cheese curds, roasted chicken gravy) and the smoked meat (fries, cheese curds, brisket, gravy).



Mile End Deli

53 Bond St (nr Bowery)

Website menu link: Mile End Deli

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