Lunch @ Souvlaki GR Midtown

If you’ve ever been to Greece, you know that the food is incredible. The tomatoes are redder than red, the feta is fresher than fresh, and the cucumber tzatziki is the only thing that may cool you off in the sweltering heat of summer.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Greece twice now, and I am half-Greek complete with restaurant owners in my lineage. I can say with confidence that I know good Greek food when I taste it, and Souvlaki GR has good Greek food.

Souvlaki GR interior

Souvlaki GR started out as a food truck, and they have gotten so popular over the years that they have opened not one, but two brick and mortar locations in Manhattan. I visited the newest one in Midtown (other is LES), and it looks like it was plucked right out of Mykonos; from the grey and white stones on the floor to the bright blue moldings and flowers. They even sell Greek food products in there! Nescafe for a frappe anyone?!

Here’s the rundown of the food. I highly recommend the following:

Dips & pita:

Souvlaki GR tzatziki

We had tzatziki (yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, dill), tyrokefteri (feta and spicy red pepper), and skordalia (mashed potatoes, garlic – lots of it). The tzatziki was my favorite, but the other two were no slouches. Pro tip: do not get skordalia if you’re on a date or planning on kissing anyone within the next two weeks. The stuff is delicious yet dragon breath inducing.


Souvlaki GR spanakopita

I am very picky about my spanakopita, because I make a really good one. That said, Souvlaki GR is a great contender. The phyllo dough was super golden and crisp, and the spinach/feta combo inside was great. Could have used a bit more feta (I love cheese), but really solid anyway.

Horiatiki salad:

Souvlaki GR salad 1

MY FAVORITE. I know you’re thinking “a SALAD is YOUR favorite”?! But, yes it is. Only from Greek restaurants though. Souvlaki GR’s Horiatiki salad reminds me of the SAME ones I get in Greece: super red and plump tomatoes, creamy feta cheese, cucumbers, red onion, oregano, olives, and then drizzled with oil & vinegar. That. Is. It. And it’s perfect.

Pork Souvlaki Pita:

Souvlaki GR pita 2

Here’s a fun fact some of you may not know about the souvlaki pita sandwiches in Greece: THEY PUT FRIES IN IT!! I KNOW. It’s so good. And strangely, a lot of places don’t do that here. Why? I don’t know. At all. What kind of monster DOESN’T put fries in their sandwiches?! Either way, Souvlaki GR knows what’s up and puts their fries IN the gyro. That makes all the difference in the world.

Check out Souvlaki GR, if only to escape Manhattan for a bit and have some great food. It really feels like a world away from the rest of the city.

Take me back to Greece!!


Souvlaki GR

162 West 56th St


Website and Menu: Souvlaki GR

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