Foodporn For Absolutely No Reason

As I was going through my phone and deleting pics/getting hungry, I decided to put some photos on here that I really enjoy AND that haven’t been on Instagram. I know it’s kind of pointless, but trust me, the difference between amount of photos taken and amount of photos posted is TREMENDOUS. If people looked at my camera roll they would think one of two things:

1 – she has an eating disorder

2 – she’s a food blogger

Let’s hope most go with the latter. But if binge eating bacon is a disorder, they can go ahead and arrest me for disorderly conduct.

I digress. Back to the pics:

Because we love pizza. At Rubirosa. And then cut up like this. At my place.


And bagels. With smoked salmon and bacon-scallion cream cheese. That’s a thing. At my place.


S’mores in a skillet. Alright this one was on insta but LOOK AT IT. It needs all the love. At Bowlmar Lanes.


Lobster grilled cheese topped with caviar. Sometimes you gotta be fancy AF with your snacks. At the Slapfish popup.

Foodporn_lobster grilled cheese

Ok this was on Instagram too but COME ON. Burger stuffed with pepperoni & mozz, finished with burrata AND sits on pizza bread buns?! Yea sue me for falling in love twice. At The Baroness through March.

Foodporn_hot buns burger

And you can’t have a burger without fries. Kimchi fries. At Mokbar. 


Sausage, hatch chiles, mozz…a truly special pie. At Emily.


That’s it for now. I’ll probably make this a thing moving forward because…after all that ^ do you really need another reason??

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