Speedy Romeo And The White Album Pizza

I know that might sound like a bizarre¬†nursery rhyme or children’s book, but I promise you I haven’t completely lost my mind…yet.

Speedy Romeo is a restaurant in Brooklyn. They have a wood fire grill and oven. They specialize in pizza. Their best pizza (in my opinion) is The White Album.

See? It makes sense.

Now, I will caveat that I didn’t try EVERY pizza on the menu (but dammit talk about #goals), so I can’t say it’s their “best” pizza, but trust me you need this in your life. I haven’t had a white pie this good since…ever.

The White Album

speedy romeo white album whole

This pie is covered (literally) in ricotta, provel, pecorino, toasted garlic, bechamel (insert heart eyes emoji here), and then the crust is dusted with even more flaky strings of pecorino. It’s incredible. Salty, creamy, and the garlic. OHHHH THE GARLIC.

I love garlic. I’d take a clove and a microplane to my cereal if I could. That’s a lie I wouldn’t. Because I don’t eat cereal.

I digress.

The Gravlax

Speedy Romeo gravlax pizza 2

I was super skeptical and apprehensive to order it. Well let’s just say I should be smacked across the face with a white glove (or album) because that too, was delicious. It’s covered in a thin layer of ricotta, fennel cured salmon, red onion, lemon, and capers. YUM. Seriously if you like bagels and lox/cc, this is basically that but on a pizza.

Baked Eggs with Pork Sausage

Speedy Romeo baked eggs 2

Baked eggs in marinara with spicy pork sausage, smoked mozz, mushrooms, and kale. Maybe it was spinach. It was something green. I don’t pay much attention to that. Either way it was wonderful. The eggs could have been a little less cooked, as I love a runny yolk in my baked eggs, but the toasted bread on the side made up for it. Crusty and drizzled with olive oil makes for premium dunkage equipment. And when you have a sauce that good…you need not worry about much else.

To sum up…you need to go here and you need to go now. AND PS THEY ARE OPENING ONE ON THE LES SOON!



Tell them I sent you.

Just kidding that will get you nowhere.


Speedy Romeo

376 Classon Ave, (Clinton Hill) BK

Coming VERY VERY soon: 63 Clinton Street (Lower East Side), NYC

Website: http://www.speedyromeo.com/


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