Gilt City Brunch at Duet Restaurant

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re one of two people:

1 – my mom (HI MOM)

2 – a foodie

If you’re the latter, chances are you’ve purchased Groupons before for dinners, brunches, etc. Have you ever bought one from Gilt City? I have to say, I’ve been in this game for a long time and I think they always have a solid selection of places to choose from. I tested one out recently because well, it’s been a while and this spot in the West Village has been staring at me over the past few weeks.

Duet_Gilt AerialNew1

Duet is on the corner of Barrow and 7th ave – literally – it’s a corner space, and it actually used to be Chef Anne Burrell’s restaurant, but that name escapes me. I digress.

The interior has a lovely feel – slightly old world meets modern meets antiquey. It has just enough finishing touches to make the space different, but we came at an off time to try this deal (3 PM), so I can’t say there were many people in there outside from us. Oh well – far be it from me to complain about having a restaurant all to myself.

Duet_Gily interior new

Onto the food. We got to order one entree, and it came with one cocktail. I also ordered a side of bacon because bacon. That’s extra, but I make sacrifices when necessary.

Eggs Benedict:

Duet_Gilt eggs benny new

Ok so this is probably my favorite brunch dish in the world. I almost always get eggs benny because it’s slightly indulgent without being TOO guilty. The hollandaise sauce is what makes the dish, and in this one, the chef adds a vinegary reduction which gave it a sweet kick. The ham was also Virginia Ham, instead of Canadian bacon, so it was also a bit sweet but nicely balanced all around. We devoured that.

Hash Brown Rancheros:

Duet_Gilt hashbrowns new 2

I don’t know how anyone can go wrong with a dish that has that name, and Duet definitely didn’t. The hashbrown was crispy until it got drenched in yolk (not a problem for me), topped with a thick sausage patty, avocado, and two PERFECTLY cooked eggs. The tomatoes were a twist on salsa which was chopped yellow and red cherry tomatoes, finely minced shallots, jalapenos, and garlic. Delicious topping. I could eat that tomato concoction every day.

Barrow Street Bubbles:

Duet_Gilt drink

This was one of the brunch cocktails that jumped out at me: blueberry vodka, blueberries, and champagne. YUM. These are literally a few of my favorite things. When I was in college I used to drink Stoli Blueberry with club soda because I thought that was delicious (and classy…?) but this was a really nice brunch cocktail. Highly recommend and not for nothing, it’s a large pour.

Here’s my one gripe with the location of this place. The train. You can literally feel the train rumbling the floor underneath you. Fortunately if you’re going for brunch, chances are you may not even notice, but when it was quiet like it was when I visited, it was definitely noticeable. My brother was with me and he barely noticed, and he’s a crazy person who notices EVERYTHING. So maybe this is just me.

Today is the last day to get your Gilt City deal for Duet! Brunch for two is just $39 and includes two entrees, and two cocktails. Click here and check it out:


Duet Restaurant

37 Barrow St (corner of 7th ave) 


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