Getting Toned Up with Kore New York

People ask me constantly how I stay “skinny”. Now, I know my moniker is “the skinny pig”, but I’m not “skinny”. Supermodels are skinny. I’m thin for the most part, depending on how I feel about bread on any given week, but I have some curves and I have muscles. Well, I used to have muscles. They have given way to make room for a thin layer of fat. Hence why I am writing this post.

I do work out though.

I run. I try to lift weights. Emphasis on try. And I find it all very boring.

I used to be a dancer so that was when I was in my best shape…I’m going back many moons now…but you get the idea. If it doesn’t have some kind of fun angle to it, I lose interest quickly. Same can be said of my relationships. This is also why I’m single.


And to break up the awkward silence here’s a pic of me from my dancing days. SICK costume and blonde highlights.

IMG_9851I heard about Kore New York through a friend, and she is RIPPED. I mean, I will never look like her because I enjoy carbs and bacon way too much, but I figured, hey this has to work on SOME level, right? So, I’m giving it a shot. Here are my starting stats, and no, I’m not ashamed of it. We’re all different and when I was in better shape I actually weighed more. That whole muscle weighing more than fat thing probably played a factor…

Height: 5’5

Weight: 127

Goal weight: 120

So, as you can see, I’m not looking for drastic changes here. I just got a little squishy and I want to tone up. Get muscles, look lean, and most importantly FEEL good from the inside out.


I have taken a few classes so far and let me tell you, they are NO F-ING JOKE. I was exhausted after my first class and sore for 4 days afterwards. Maybe 5. Not kidding. There is a LOT of leg work aka jump squats and squats with a resistance band. This also translates to ass work, which is good because I am severely lacking in the ass department. I have strong legs thankfully from dancing, but they need to be more toned for sure. The ab portion of the class I like…because I can do it without crying. I have strong abs they’re just hidden under the bacon fat. It does fuel me, after all (see above).

Here’s hoping! Follow me on Snapchat to watch my progress and the occasional video of me doing mountain climbers and slowly dying after.


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