GG’s Garden Pizza Kit Just Saved Your Next Dinner Party

Not everyone knows their way around a kitchen, much less a pizza peel. Making pizza sounds fun, but it also sounds a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Dough is tricky, sauce can go from great to bad real quick, and it requires patience – something a lot of New Yorkers lack. Thankfully, GG’s Garden Dinner Kit is here to help, complete with fresh herbs and greens from their garden.

GGs Pizza Kit 1

If you don’t know GG’s, you should. They’re located in the East Village and make some pretty slammin pizza (and salads, if I’m being honest). This Garden Dinner Kit comes with pizza, an appetizer, and salad fixins. All you have to do is assemble and bake! Well, not the salad. If you don’t know that you shouldn’t bake a salad, even this kit might be too big of a leap for you. Stick to ramen and Easy Mac. No judgment and better yet, no fires.


Here’s what the GG’s Garden Dinner Kit contained:

  • Garden Pizza with par-baked crust (square pie), chimichurri, mozzarella, radishes (I know, but wait), and greens
  • Salad with raspberry vinaigrette
  • Grape leaves stuffed with ricotta, anise hyssop & blossoms

So the grape leaves were actually really good, but I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was eating flowers and that was a little strange for me (see Snapchat proof below). But they were kind of fancy (baked with chamomile broth) and I liked that.

GGs Pizza Kit Flowers

The pizza was great! Baked up all nice and cheesy, and the chimichurri added that salty, herbaceous bite. The radishes? I thought they would be super bitter, but these were black radishes (even though they’re white) and in contrast to the pizza, they just gave a little crunch. The only thing I left out was the cilantro. Because cilantro tastes like soap. Well at least to me (and half of the population) it does.

GGs Pizza Kit 4

If you’re interested in trying out one of these kits, all you have to do is hit up GG’s website and place an order for pick up. $40 is all it takes. Done. No, they don’t deliver it sadly, but can’t you just count that as your exercise for the day? I know I would…


511 East 5th Street


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