Brunch at Sweet Chick LES

“Where do I go for brunch”?

If someone asks me this question one more time…I’ll do nothing about it and probably continue to give recommendations because I’m a food blogger. It comes with the territory.

Sweet CHick Mac Aerial1

So here we have Sweet Chick on the LES, and I am recommending it to you for brunch. For one, they have brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm. That’s a long window. I also like to go on the early side, and a lot of places don’t open til 11:30 or 12. AND they have WEEKDAY BRUNCH from 11 am – 4 pm. So you know, for those days when you’re pretending to be at work and you’re really at brunch…

There’s also the original location in Williamsburg a few blocks from my apt, so I’ve been a customer (and a believer) for many moons (or 2013 when they opened), but shockingly I had never been to the LES location. It’s a cute space – airy with big windows and a lot of wood/mason jars. You get the vibe already I’m sure. It’s trendy comfort food and it happens to be pretty damn good.

If you’re looking to do some boozin’ with your brunch, I recommend it for that too; their cocktails are solid and the list is quite large. Onto the food we go…

Kale BLT Salad

IMG_5703 (1)

Ok it may not be called that, but it should be. The bacon on this salad looked like it was carved right off of a Christmas ham. Ridiculously thick and salty/sweet. A little too fatty for my taste, but it was a nice touch with the creamy dressing on the greens.

Shrimp and Grits

Sweet Chick Shrimp Grits1

This was the very first dish I had at Sweet Chick 3 years ago. I was on a date with my ex boyfriend (hi jackass!) and we both went bananas over it. A huge shallow bowl filled with creamy grits, big shrimp, and slightly spicy tomato-based broth with peppers. Delicious, stick to your ribs kinda stuff.

Chicken and Waffles

Sweet Chick ChixWaffles1

Duh. Obviously if you’re making a trip to a place renowned for chicken and waffles, you should probably get chicken and waffles. The skin is perfectly crunchy and crisp, and the chicken is well seasoned. If I’m being totally honest, I like some of their other dishes better than this, but I’m also not a HUGE fried chicken and waffles fan. I know, I know…chill. I like them, but not as much as I love…

Mac and Cheese

Sweet Chick Mac

I’m a SUCKER for mac and cheese. If it’s in front of me, I don’t care if I’m about to burst like Mr. Creosote from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. I WILL EAT IT. Theirs happens to be really creamy, cheesy, and topped with Ritz crackers. Definitely get a side or two of that.

Crawfish Hush Puppies

Sweet Chick Hush Puppies1

I never really knew what these were. As a born and bred New Yorker, hush puppies are more of a Southern thing, but I’m sure as hell glad that I discovered them here. They’re little fried balls of corn and crawfish deliciousness with a creamy remoulade sauce. Another one of my first dishes I tried here and it’s always on my table when I go back.

So there you go. You have another spot to add to your ever-growing brunch list.

You’re welcome.


Sweet Chick LES

178 Ludlow St

Website/Menu: Sweet Chick


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