7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try: October Edition

Saying bye to October and all the Halloween/election madness, no one is more excited for November than I am. NO ONE. I love Thanksgiving and the holiday season, so I thought I’d tip my hat to these few places I visited and GIVE THANKS FOR BEING SO DELICIOUS. Also if you were expecting political commentary you came to the wrong place. Here, we focus on food. It’s one of the few things that still brings us together.

7 Delicious Spots You Need To Check Out - October

  1. The VNYL – aside from the amazing jerk chicken tacos and POTENT cocktails, the vibes in here are my favorite. It’s 70’s inspired, but not kitschy or cheesy. The entrance is actually a coffee shop during the day, with vintage records (hand picked by Adrian Grenier – random) from The Doors, Van Morrison, and the like. Three floors of different feels, The VNYL is a must visit. Fun Fact: it stands for Vintage New York Lifestyle. You’re welcome. OctoberVNYL_interiorOctober_VNYLtacos1
  2. Ristorante Morini – The main reason to travel to the UES, in my opinion, is amazing pasta. Chef Michael White knows what he’s doing here. The agnolotti with veal and trumpet mushrooms was perfect, though you’d hardly go wrong with any of the other pastas. And definitely get the bambolini for dessert. Heaven. This is an elegant place (again, UES), so please leave the ripped jeans at home.OctoberMorini2October_Morini
  3. New York Yankees Steakhouse – I’m a Mets fan, but I was a big fan of the New York Yankees Steakhouse. If you have the opportunity to take a tour of this place, I suggest you do. They have a ton of cool Yankees memorabilia in each room, as well as really good food. The steak was delicious, but I have to admit I loved the pasta I had even more – seafood papardelle with clams, pecorino, tomatoes, and lemon.New York Yankees Steakhouse STAR copyOctober_NYYpasta
  4. Butler Bake Shop – Let me put it to you this way: it makes me sad I don’t live on the South Side of Williamsburg. I was obsessed with Butler; from the delicious BLT tartine to the sticky bun to the coffee. Perfect to go or to sit and do some work. October_ButlerInteriorOctober_ButlerBLT2
  5. Kola House – Pepsi’s latest venture has gotten everyone confused. Because why or how is Pepsi opening a restaurant?? It makes no sense. Do they sous vide everything in Pepsi? No, thankfully. And it’s not that Pepsi is a bad company, but what business does it have starting a restaurant? Who knows. BUT, all that said, it’s actually quite good! Most of the people I spoke to were pleasantly surprised. Soppressata meatballs were my favorite, and the burger was solid too. Interesting cocktail menu too – definitely worth a visit. But keep in mind this is in meatpacking and if you go late at night, it gets clubby. October_Kola1
  6. Union Pizza Works – if you find yourself in Bushwick and don’t know where to go with your friends, this is a great bet. The pizzas are that thin crust, bubbly, charred type. The Pizza Con Cippole with onions and gorgonzola was really different from anything I’ve ever had, in a good way. But if you don’t like onions, I’d stay away. Don’t sleep on the burrata though – that shit was a game changer. Make sure you ask for the spicy chili oil too.October_UPWpizzasProcessed with Snapseed.
  7. Harry & Idas Meat & Supply Co – How do I put this lightly? BEST PASTRAMI EVER. We had the special sandwich of the month that day called The Sweater Weather Sandwich with smoked pork loin, breaded eggplant, mincemeat, cheddar, and pickled green tomatoes. Delicious, but truthfully, keeping it simple here was my favorite. Processed with Snapseed.


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