7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try: December Edition

So here we are again. Time to return to December (if only for a second) to discuss the tasty stuff I ate and where you can find it. Upon further review, it was a very meat-filled month.

Here we go.


7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try

  1. Dominique Bistro – sitting on one of those quintessential NYC “West Village” blocks is Dominique Bistro. Cozy, inviting, and damn delicious. I think this will go down in history as one of my favorite little lunch spots, and this visit solidified that thought. The baked camembert is EVERYTHING you need in your life (unless you’re lactose intolerant). The octopus is also a perfect app. I was lucky enough to sip rose and eat cheese in front of a Christmas tree on this fine day. Nothing could have been better.   
  2. 2nd City – You know that food you didn’t even know you loved? This is probably where you had it. Did that make sense? Doesn’t matter. Love this Filipino taqueria! It’s small, so if you’re someone like me who is strongly averse to humans/crowds, I’d go for lunch, early like 11 or late like 2:30-3. It’s mostly takeout, but there is bar seating and one little table up front. The weekly specials keep me guessing (ramen, tacos, sissig torta), and I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve had. The Adobo Burrito (pictured) is amazing and now you can get the breakfast version (Plan B-Rito) on weekends! They also deliver via UberEats, if you’re as lazy as I am but still want to be fed well.   
  3. Pig and Khao – Oh man. This place = everything. Any Top Chef fans in the house?? Last time I visited, I had one of those “I feel like I’m gonna say something stupid” moments, because this is Leah Cohen’s restaurant and she came over to our table to say hi. #fangirling. I loved her on Top Chef, and now I love her as Pig and Khao’s chef. Seriously, the Sizzling Duck Hash (pictured) was probably one of the most delicious things I’ve EVER eaten, not just in December. It was a perfectly balanced dish with just the right amount of heat, and that acidic bite to keep you going back for more. The banana French Toast was unreal too, if you’re a sweets person. Run, don’t walk.   
  4. Black Iron Burger – If you are a burger fan, I suggest you make this place a priority visit in 2017. The mushroom truffle was so damn good, cooked perfectly and loaded with gooey, melty cheese. The namesake Black Iron Burger was also a hit (pictured), with horseradish cheddar and stout caramelized onions on top of a meaty, double patty situation. There was really nothing we had that we didn’t like. They are also going to head south for the winter at the SOBEWFF, so hopefully will see them at Burger Bash!  
  5. Harold’s Meat and Three – This is where I stop and realize that I eat more meat in one week than most mountain lions do in a month. But I digress. Located in the Arlo Hotel in Hudson Square, chef Harold Moore (formerly of Commerce) brings the heat and the meat with this Southern-inspired gem. The prime rib is burned into my memory: carved and served tableside with a selection of salt for you to choose from (for sprinkling – we went with black lava sea salt), was amazing. Don’t sleep on that mac n cheese either – perfectly cheesy and creamy.    
  6. Flinder’s Lane – Australian food? Australian food. I never thought about it either, but I’m glad someone brought it to my attention. I loved this space and I thought the food was delicious. Damn good Bloody Mary too – I asked what made it so good and evidently they season it with Sambal sauce. What’s that? It’s one of those hot sauces that have garlic, lime, chilies, fish sauce and other smelly things usually, but it’s really flavorful and delicious. Don’t smell it, just eat it. Also the tea-smoked salmon with a poached egg on top was one of my favorite things, and I didn’t expect that at all. The Big Brekkie is a can’t lose situation either – eggs, tomatoes, bacon, sausage, beans…you get the idea.    
  7. Fortina – this is another one of my Westchester picks. I don’t get out there too much, but when I do, it’s usually for Fortina or Polpettina. Fortina had a ridiculously lovely pasta dinner right between Christmas and New Years, and I was fortunate enough to attend. They had wine, real truffles, a giant Parm cheese wheel, people who sang way better than I ever could, and some lamb orecchiette business that was INSANE. Chef Christian Petroni is like a wizard with pasta and pizza, and the staff is always on point. You should also be on their Instagram/FB game regularly – these guys know what they’re doing with social media and that’s not as easy to do as it once was.   

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