7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try: January Edition

Honestly, I’m not sure how it got to be February already. Before you know it I’ll be decorating a Christmas tree again. So, apologies for the delay here. Let’s just dive right in without listening to me rant about something.

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Ok. Now we can talk about food again.

7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try

  1. Coffeemania – this Russian import (and it’s a chain) is hands down one of the best spots I’ve been to recently. The name threw me off hardcore, but it’s actually pumping out some amazing food. The bone marrow was to die for, the brussels sprouts with sausage were salty and sweet, and the cauliflower soup with a perfect egg yolk was a delightful play of flavors and textures. And on top of all of that, it DOES have coffee. Great coffee. Did I mention it’s in Midtown? Now there’s a decent place to eat over there. You’re welcome.  
  2. Olio e Piu – you’d be hard pressed to find a pizza and pasta place in the West Village that I don’t like, but I’ve been coming here since my college days (I went to FIT), so it not only is STILL solid (10 years later – yikes), but it holds a certain level of nostalgia for me. The carbonara was literally one of the most gorgeous and satisfying versions I’ve had, and the pizza is the brick oven-fired kind, with charred bubbles on top, prime for the popping.  
  3. Rider – occasionally a restaurant pops up in Williamsburg that has both good food and available seating. I know, it’s shocking to me too. Rider can get busy, but if you go on an early weeknight, it’s usually pretty tame. The razor clams with garlic and breadcrumbs made me change the way I feel about razor clams. The chicken thigh is a MUST order as well – I don’t even typically like chicken thigh but this one had super crisp skin – almost like cracklins – and cashew hummus underneath it or some vegetarian/vegan business – either way it was INCREDIBLE (pictured). Did I mention they have a KILLER breakfast as well? Whatever happened to breakfast? People only remember brunch because it’s served with booze. Oh, the irony. #checktherider 
  4. Frankels Delicatessen – More points for Brooklyn! Frankels is on a corner bordering Greenpoint and Williamsburg. I happened to stumble in here whilst nursing a TERRIBLE hangover and the end result was a happy face, full stomach, and a nap. Aka the ideal post-hangover situation. The pastrami was THICK and I mean thick like steakhouse bacon. A smear of mustard on rye completes this gargantuan sandwich. 
  5. Queens Comfort – If you’re an avid @skinnypignyc follower, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen me give a shout out to my Queens homies over here in Astoria. They hold it down for brunch on weekends like no one I’ve ever seen. The line goes down the block and people actually wait. Ya heard that?? People. In NYC. Wait. It’s crazy, but trust me, when you taste the French Toast balls, the disco tots and the Eggs Benedict, you’ll get see why. It’s cash only and BYOB, be advised.  
  6. Benoit – An oldie but a goodie, Alain Ducasse doesn’t disappoint with his French classic. Boasting a new brunch menu, Benoit is exceeding expectations with dishes like the oeufs en mourette. Have you ever had beef bourguignon? It’s like that, but with eggs instead of chunks of stewing beef. A bacon-laced gravy studded with mushrooms and onions holds two beautifully poached eggs. The dark color might throw you off, but when you take a bite you’ll realize it’s umami-heaven. And just have to point out that the most gorgeous roast chicken I’ve ever seen came out of Benoit. See what I mean?  
  7. Leuca – Last but not least, the slightly out of place monstrosity that is the William Vale hotel in Williamsburg happens to be home to a few great restaurants from Andrew Carmellini. I visited Leuca early on in January, and I had heard mixed things: some loved it, some said they were “underwhelmed”. I think by most humans’ standards, this is a solid dinner spot, but to the effervescent Williamsburg restaurant-goer, I can see why it may be just ok. The space is a little grand (we LOVE tiny places with rustic flooring and mason jars here in Wburg), and the menu is very West Village Manhattan. Do with that what you will, BUT, I happened to think it was pretty spot on. The tuna crudo was light and spicy, the rabbit bolognese penne with black kale and chickpeas was wonderful, and I still dream about the ricotta with toasted garlic. Seriously.  

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