7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try: February Edition

Time just loves to pass me by. I didn’t even realize it was mid-March until someone said the phrase “I can’t believe it’s mid-March”.

Either way, here we are, and here are my latest picks from February. Please keep in mind that some of February was spent in Miami, but good thing I visit about 14 restaurants per week, so there is no lack of content for you.

7 Delicious Spots You Need to Try: February

  1. Sizzle Pie: A super popular import from Portland, Sizzle Pie landed in Williamsburg and I checked out all of their breakfast pies. Literally, all of them. The Stolen Firebird was my favorite with egg, bacon, hatch chilies and hashbrowns. Some of their vegan pies were great too (yea I said it) like the Green Reaper with white bean spread, hatch chilies, tofu cheese, Baco bits and hashbrowns. Wash it down with a cold brew from Stumptown with Coconut milk (amazing blend, btw) and you’re ready to start the day. Or…nap. They deliver until about 4 am too, so this is going to be a life saver on those late nights. Or a random Tuesday, if you’re me. 
  2. Green Street LIC: Rarely do I venture to LIC (I think it’s my weird upbringing in Astoria, which has taught me to despise LIC), but when the restaurant in question is Korean BBQ, I definitely make the trip. They advertise themselves as “Paleo Friendly Korean BBQ”, but all I know is that it was tasty. The space almost looks like a beer garden – it has that vibe. This is the cook it yourself KBBQ with the grills in the middle of the table, but truthfully they do most of it for you. The spicy fried chicken wings here were awesome, as well as the meat and the  bulgogi burger. BUT, if I’m being honest, my favorite part was the cornflake crusted french toast for dessert. Oh. My. God. You don’t even know – it came with a glistening strip of bacon on top and I seriously couldn’t stop eating it. They serve it for brunch too and if I were you, I’d make that a priority. 
  3. Amada: This beautiful restaurant downtown near Brookfield Place is where you’ll want to sit back with a glass of wine, order some tapas, and finish the meal with paella. Get the picture yet? Chef Jose Garces is the man behind this menu, and it is wonderful. The meatballs were my favorite, as well as the gambas al ajillo (shrimp) and the octopus. 
  4. Press Shop: The sign on the wall when you walk in says “Eat Carbs” and that’s all the direction you really need. But thankfully, they have meat for me too. The Oy Gavelt was one of my favorites, the owner’s Grandma’s recipe for brisket (isn’t it always the Grandma’s recipe??), with Swiss, sautéed onion, mayo and au jus on challah bread. HOLLA FOR CHALLAH. And then there’s the Cluck You which was pulled chicken, homemade pesto, provolone, and sundried tomato spread. Bravo to these guys for making sundried tomatoes cool again and bringing a slew of sandwich deliciousness to Noho. 
  5. Krave It: This is in my hometown of Bayside, Queens, and if you find yourself in the area, I suggest hitting this place up, if only for the wings. Some of the best wings I’ve had in Queens, hands down. Their menu is extensive and a little aggressive (Chicken & Waffles pie, General Tso’s pie) but if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing, this place will have you full and smiling in no time. Try the Dozo (named after my High School!) with chicken cutlet, vodka sauce, smoked mozz, basil and pecorino. So good. The Krave It Bomber is their other big hit with steak smothered in sriracha cheese whiz, grilled onions and pineapple. Seriously awesome. And it’s a 25 min ride on the LIRR from penn station and literally across the street from the stop in Bayside. Just go. 
  6. Roki Le Izakaya: the newcomer to NYC from Japanese megachain Benihana, is Roki Le Izakaya. When you walk in, you’re standing next to a serene “waterfall”, then as you continue to your table, you’re surrounded by that sleek, modern Japanese interior with lots of wood and stone accents. The food is on point too, albeit service was a little slow and I’ll assume that was due to opening week kinks. Try the gyoza, the tuna sashimi, the kale noodle ramen, and the pork belly baos. I was surprised I liked the kale noodle ramen the best too, but it was really unique and the broth was delicious. OH AND FUN FACT. Did you know that DJ Steve Aoki’s dad is the owner of Benihana?! MIND = BLOWN. 
  7. Primal Cut: Last but not least, I revisited an old friend in February, and she’s sexy. Primal Cut is the steakhouse inside Sapphires Gentleman’s Club, and no, there’s no pole next to your table. So try to put your judgment aside for a second, because the food is pretty damn good. I actually reviewed the old one (when it was called Prime 333) a few years ago, and had an absolute blast. This time it was still great food, but I kept it tame, aka no lap dances after. Chef Thomas Perone initially sparked my curiosity with his candied bacon on a stick at Pig Guy in Citifield, then I saw he was the new chef at Primal Cut and I had to get over there. He made this thick cut bacon and I swear to god it was three inches thick. I’m no math expert but it was insane. The tuna tartare was fresh and delicious, and the steak was on point as well as the mushrooms/creamed spinach. Another thing I was pleasantly surprised by? The desserts. Bread pudding was delicious, and the cheesecake could rival my moms. I pray she isn’t reading this right now. Not only was I having a meal in a strip club but I just sullied the good name of her cheesecake too. Video below of us spooning. I’M SORRY MOM IT MEANT NOTHING. But I digress. If you’re in the mood to be adventurous and try something new, I recommend this place for guys OR girls night out. 

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