Making Donuts at Tasting Table

One of the perks of my job is going to cool shit like this:


For those of you who are unfamiliar, Tasting Table is a fantastic food and restaurant resource, and they taught us how to make doughnuts last night. National Doughnut Day is coming up on June 2nd, so get prepared with this recipe from Tasting Table

The class was taught by Jake Cohen. He’s the super awesome chef/recipe developer over at Tasting Table and he knows the importance of bacon on a donut. I got there a little late because traffic was a nightmare, but I got there just in time for the frying process. And isn’t that really all that matters anyway? Then we got to decorate! Glazing, topping, and glittering. No but really. I put edible glitter on my donut and even though I will be scraping gold flecks off my hands, jeans, and camera for the next five years…totally worth it. Look at my pretty creation with bacon, candied peanuts, and gold glitter. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DONUT.

After donut-making, we got to indulge in a little breakfast for dinner. Who doesn’t love that?! Communists, that’s who. There were rhubarb waffles, shakshuka, frittatas, and of course, lots of bacon.

And there’s more! The swag bag! I left my leftover Steak Salad lunch at their loft (sorry, TT), but I thankfully got this amazing swag bag in return, with some of my breakfast faves like Catskill Farms Maple Syrup, Big Spoon ROasters Almond Butter, and Early Bird Granola. Aka THE ONLY GRANOLA. I’ve had a lot of coffee this morning. And speaking of coffee – this one from Counter Culture smells like how Jon Hamm looks.

Thank you Tasting Table for having me! And for making copious amounts of bacon.


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