Smorgasburg is Back!

Ahh Spring. It has arrived! I think. This is NYC and the weather is about as crazy as the people (present company included). For all I know it can start snowing tomorrow following a 60-degree day.

But, in the meantime, let’s talk Smorgasburg. If you aren’t familiar, you should introduce yourself. It’s a big gathering of multiple food vendors in both Williamsburg (Saturdays) and Prospect Park (Sundays). The lineup is insane, as are the lines in general, so do yourself a favor and go early. Be strategic about your food path when you go in. This is essential. Otherwise you’ll wait on line for 20 minutes for a ramen burger, eat that, get tired from the carbo loading and go home.


Dan & Johns Wings

BEEF PATTIES (not the real name)

FRIED THINGS (also not the real name)

Chonchos Tacos


Roll N’ Chill


Lumpia Shack

Sunday Gravy

They have cocktails now?!

Federoff’s Roast Pork (and killerĀ cheesesteaks from what I hear)





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