7 Delicious Things You Need To Try: The Fuck I Forgot Edition

So. Either I don’t know how to navigate my own website correctly (likely), or I haven’t posted one of these since March.


I’ve been busy. But here’s the great part about being your own boss: no one can fire you or make you feel like shit about you besides you. So I’ll be self-loathing myself all day, it’s fine.

Here’s where you need to go. Enjoy kids.

7 Delicious Things You Need To Try: The Fuck I Forgot Edition

  1. Treadwell Park – This beer palace (ok, it’s not really a palace but it’s big enough to fit in the category) is filled with good food, games, ping pong, and plenty of beer. There is one on the UES as well as Battery Park, and frankly that’s the only annoying part about both locations. Kinda on the ends of the earth on both sides – super west and super east. But hey, if that’s your hood, I definitely recommend it. 
  2. Black Seed Bagels – I know this isn’t a new thing, but I revisited recently for the first time in a long time and I forgot just how yum their bagels are. Granted, I’m a New Yorker, so I’m used to bagels being fluffy and the size of my head, but these are “Montreal-style” bagels, aka they’re smaller and sweeter. I’m told the dough has a touch of honey in it, but don’t quote me. Just look at the pretty pictures and ignore me, honestly. 
  3. Mile End Deli – Same owners as Black Seed and it’s basically a Canadian Jewish Deli. What does that mean? It means poutine and pastrami. Labatt Blue and brisket. You get the idea. They do a ton of specials each month as well, and they’re insanely Instagram-worthy. The lamb shawarma poutine was FIRE, so keep an eye out for more specials coming your way this month. I hear one of them will be an “Italian Shabbat Menu” which includes things like challah garlic bread. OH MY. 
  4. Mulberry Project – this hidden gem in Little Italy is one of the OG bespoke cocktail joints in town. I remember going here many years ago on a bad date. Thankfully, the bad memories are gone and the backyard is the perfect place to imbibe on a warm summer night. Great cocktails, good food, and vibes for days. You have to make a reservation though, or just get there early enough to not have to wait to sit outside. 
  5. Duck Season – If you love duck, then this place is for you. At Smorgasburg Williamsburg on Saturdays and Prospect Park on Sundays, Duck Season has a little something for everyone. Minus vegetarians/vegans. The DLT (twist on the BLT but with duck bacon) is amazing, and their duck poutine is a game changer. The duck fat fries alone are salty, crisp, and perfect. 
  6. Federoff’s Roast Pork – This place in Williamsburg got the seal of approval from Action Bronson himself, who did a special on Viceland where he created the “Bronson Fries”: shoestring fries covered in cheese whiz, thin sliced steak, hot peppers and parm. They’re. So. Damn. Good. Don’t sleep on the sandwiches either – the original roast pork with provolone and broccoli rabe is amazing, and the pork roll, egg and cheese for breakfast is THE hangover killer. They even have cheesesteaks and scrapple! And the Sunday Gravy sandwich is wonderful (and only served on Sundays). 
  7. Salvation Burger – If you haven’t tried one of their burgers yet, I think it should be next on your list. Located in midtown in my old stomping grounds of 51st and 2nd, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman know how to sling a slider or two. Even the veggie burger is actually really good! Who knew. They also have a dope backyard open now for the warm weather, and it’s a perfect spot to chill with friends over fries. The fries are addictive. Beyond addictive. 

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