Dinner at: Burger & Lobster (Bryant Park)

I don’t think there could be a more appropriate name for this place. I feel like I walked out of there full of burgers, lobsters, and some of the best damn fries I’ve had in a while.

The chain from London now has two outposts in NYC: one in Union Square, and this newest one in Bryant Park/Times Square. I feel like it’s closer to Times Square, and if you remember correctly, I loathe Times Square. Like, loathe. However, something happened while I was waiting for my table that made me change my tune ever so slightly.

When I walked in for my reservation, I was super early. And the girls at the hostess stand were so nice, and they were all singing to the song playing on the speakers: “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. It made me realize this is the ONE thing that Times Square restaurants have above everyone else in NYC: THEATER KIDS. Their energy was infectious and I just started dancing and singing right along with them. After our production for the giant lobsters in the lobster tank, I made my way upstairs to the bar.

At the bar, I met another ambitious young fellow who was bartending, but moonlighted as a photographer. We started chatting about cameras and I realized that everyone has a passion here at Burger & Lobster. I loved talking to the staff! But ok, let’s move on to the food.

Burger & Lobster Combo for 1

For $33, you can get a 6 oz burger, 1 lb lobster, fries, and salad. Seriously – solid deal. That burger was cooked perfectly, and had a great sauce on it; I want to say it was similar to a Thousand Island (ketchup/mayo hybrid). The fries though. OH MY GOD THE FRIES. They were like McDonald’s fries. And that’s not an insult – if you’re smart you know that McDonald’s fries are like actual crack.

Lobster Rolls

We tried the Original, and the Fiesta. Have to say, I think I liked the fiesta better: meaty lobster mixed with chipotle mayo, corn, white cabbage, red bell peppers, and pico de gallo. Note: the forefront here is the original, background is Fiesta.

The B&L Tower (for 4)

If you’re with a group, and you’re hungry, this is a really good option. For $200, you get 2 burgers, 2 lobster rolls, 2 1-lb whole lobsters, any 3 sauces, and unlimited fries/salad. You also get 4 specialty cocktails or a bottle of cava! It comes all set up on a two-tier tray. Try the Hot Tropic cocktail, it’s delish.


Burger & Lobster – Bryant Park

132 West 43rd Street

Website: Burger & Lobster


  1. Disappointed on the King crab roll
    Not Enough meat for the price USD39.00
    Also the Lobster roll $25.00

    • I don’t recall the king crab roll but that’s a pretty standard price for a Lobster roll in NYC unfortunately – they don’t come cheap!

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