Dinner at: Sons of Essex

“What’s a good place to go in the LES for drinks and dinner?”

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that…

But seriously, there are plenty of places to go, so it’s always hard to narrow down in that area. I like to decide based on the following criteria: ambiance, food, drinks. I know that may seem like an odd order, but the LES can get a little divey, so you have to be in a specific mood for that. I don’t think I’ve been in that mood since I was 26.

I really love Sons of Essex. I think it’s a combo of everything I would ever want in a bar, as well as a restaurant. The food is solid, the drinks are strong, and it’s a nice, big¬†space that’s not pretentious or divey. Not to mention they play GREAT music, always. They¬†have this awesome painting of some of my favorite Hip Hop artists from the 90’s right when you walk in. #biggie or GTFO.

The Happy Hour menu is ideal too – Tues-Friday, 6-8 pm. Try the Kentucky Mule with bourbon, lime, and homemade ginger beer for $8, or some Frose for $7. Well cocktails are $5 (full menu here). Pro food tip: don’t sleep on the truffle mac and cheese.

Truffle Mac n Cheese

Mushroom Truffle Flatbread

Whiskey Wings

Short Rib Tacos

Fried Chicken

Veggie Burger


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