Lunch at: Fish Cheeks

Here’s a fun little fact about me: not a big seafood fan.

It’s a little weird, being Greek and not being a fan of all things from the sea. Neptune is out there somewhere, looking pretty pissed and waving his triton around, I’m sure.

So why did I visit a restaurant called Fish Cheeks? Because I like to live on the edge. AND I heard great things about it. All the things were true – maybe one dish I wouldn’t order again (the Steamed Fish w Thai Herbs) based on scent, not taste – but everything else was great.

If you like crispy fried calamari tossed in tamarind sauce, fried lemongrass chicken in sweet chili sauce, and spicy coconut crab curry, this place is for you. And when I say “spicy”, I mean REALLY SPICY. I have a high tolerance for spicy food, and that coconut curry¬†lit my mouth on fire.

Fried Calamari

PEI Mussels & Herbs

Noi’s Fried Chicken

Coconut Crab Curry

Pakboong Fai Dang (Thai watercress)

Steamed Fish w Thai Herbs

And again I’ll reiterate that¬†this fish tasted great, but the broth scent was a little too strong for me, probably because I hate cilantro. And cilantro is everywhere in Thai food. I’ve come to tolerate it in most things, but it usually tastes like soap and the steam made the scent overpowering. That’s just me though…

Fish Cheeks

55 Bond Street

Menu: Fish Cheeks


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