Dinner at: Bobo

Yes, I ate dinner at a place named after my cat.

Ok, it’s not actually named after MY cat, but that is my cat’s name. Follow him on Instagram, @bobofancycat. He’s an upper crust member of society and enjoys the finer things in life. I imagine he would have LOVED this dinner at his namesake.

Bobo the restaurant has actually been around for years; situated in a gorgeous old townhouse on the corner of West 10th in the village, it used to be all white tablecloths and such. Now they have redone the interior to make it more casual, while still being charming and cozy. There is an outdoor garden dining area upstairs too, which was beautiful on this particular Fall night.

The food is French and it was great – I had one minor complaint with my risotto though: too small. Please note that if you are coming to Bobo hungry, you may want to have this as an app. Truthfully I don’t think it’s supposed to be a main course, but I’m not too swift and I ordered it for my entree. Oh well. Read on for more and tell them Bobofancycat sent you.

Beet Chips

Beef Tartare

Onion and Maitake Tart

Roasted Sasso Chicken Basquaise

Petit Filet De Boeuf

Fregola Sarda Risotto

Caramelized Apple Tart


181 West 10th Street

Website: Bobo 







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