Dinner at: Ms Yoo

Hi guys – forgive the lack of posts here. I was in Charleston, SC for a few days and got really behind on life.

I was craving the chicken wings from Ms. Yoo the other day, which got me thinking about their amazing Tteok & Cheese…and then I realized I haven’t even written it up yet! UGH.

Do you even know what Tteok┬áis? They are traditional Korean rice cakes that have a very similar consistency to pasta, but more doughy and a little chewy…in a good way. Chef Esther Choi (also from Mokbar) mixes it with gruyere and cheddar, tops it with bacon and panko, and serves it with a side of kimchi tomato sauce. Holy yum. You don’t even know how much you need this.

The interior of Ms Yoo is so ornate and different too – I’m no interior design expert but I love what they did here. There are steel frames wrapped in vines as you walk in, there are gorgeous flowers hanging over the bar, and bespoke wooden tables with black leather banquettes. I don’t know how one describes that, but I’m gonna go with “rustic French LES chic”. Sure. I think that makes sense.

Onto the food! Here’s my don’t miss items: the chicken wings, Tteok n’ Cheese, bone marrow, and the burger. One gripe with the burger: was too undercooked for my taste. This is a BIG burger, so if you don’t like them medium rare, make sure you tell them that. Truthfully I was so damn full by that point I didn’t have any desire (or energy) to send it back and tell them, so I just took it home and ate it for lunch the next day. Griddled it on my flat top and boom – cooked to my liking. The cocktails are not to be missed either, and believe me I didn’t have to take any of those home.

Unrelated but why isn’t that a thing? Excuse me, I’ll take this delightful muddled tequila cocktail in a to-go cup? Oh, because this isn’t Nola or Vegas? Fine…fine.

Nori Popcorn

Madame Ae-Ma Cocktail

Bone Marrow

Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Ms. Yoo Burger

Tteok & Cheese



Ms. Yoo

163 Allen Street

Website Menu: Ms Yoo

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