Dinner at: Old Monk

Little known fact: one of my favorite foods over the years has been Indian food. I love the spicy vindaloos, the chutneys and the naans – especially now with all the unique twists on the traditional dishes. Garlic and cheese naan is like fluffy and puffy garlic bread. It’s everything. And these little potato dumplings…heaven.

I visited Old Monk last week (or maybe the week before – I have no concept of time anymore), and it was seriously delicious. One downside: no alcohol! They’re working on a liquor license though, so hopefully that changes in the future. Even if it doesn’t, I really loved the food. Beautifully presented and really tasty.

My favorites were the chicken achari tikka (tandoor-fired with a five-spice marinade and so juicy), the butter chicken and rice, and even the fried okra was great. Who knew? Like fries but they’re vegetables! So it’s healthy, obviously.

Also please note that this is a true testament to how much lighting can make a difference in food photos. We went for dinner, but early, so half the photos were using natural light and the other half are artificial. Maybe now when people ask me for advice on shooting food…they’ll see why I stress natural daylight so much. Enjoy.

Wild Rice Jhaal Moori

Tikki Trio

Chicken Achari Tikka

Butter Chicken

Coconut Shrimp

Okra Fries


Old Monk

175 Avenue B

Website: Old Monk

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