Working Out at: Life Time at Sky

As some of you may know, I’m a brand ambassador for Capezio (a dance apparel brand and frankly, THE dance apparel brand), since I used to be a dancer. So occasionally I put on my Capezio gear and do healthy things like workout.

I visited Life Time at Sky a couple weeks ago to take a Dance Jam class, and I was so impressed with the space (and the food) that I had to make another trip. Life Time is truly more than a gym – it’s a “lifestyle” experience.

The nation’s only “Healthy Way of Life” brand, Life Time brings you an athletic experience that goes well beyond fitness to encompass healthy living from all angles – body and mind. They literally have everything you could possibly need in one space – a spacious gym, spa and salon, pools (indoor and outdoor), basketball court, spin studio, yoga studio, pilates, chiropractic offices, and even a “relaxation room” where you can just chill out and nap on a long, comfy chaise lounge.

Oh and obviously, they have food. And where there is food, there is Skinny Pig. Rarely am I impressed with “healthy” food options, but I loveeee the food in the LifeCafe! The soba noodles were delicious topped with avocado, cilantro slaw, and sesame-lime dressing. And the chicken and couscous bowl was my favorite, with garlic-herb chicken, grilled artichoke, couscous, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, onions and harissa aioli. All protein-packed obviously.

Oh, and let’s not forget about tacos. Because it is #TacoTuesday after all. I tried the Chinese BBQ Chicken with avocado, spicy aioli, red cabbage slaw and cotija cheese. And the portions are no slouch either – you need not worry about being hungry after working out here.

I tried the “Surrender” yoga class yesterday, and it was AMAZING. I have never done a “meditative” yoga class before, and while it’s not going to get you ripped, it will definitely ease your mind and melt away any stress you have. You hold the poses for nearly 5 minutes each, and really focus on yourself and stretching the connective tissues. Thoughts will come up that you can’t even explain. As one girl described it: “I wasn’t sleeping, but I wasn’t awake either”. It’s an interesting out of body experience. And if you’re someone like me who lives in a constant state of anxiety, I can tell you this feels necessary for any New Yorker.

There are residences in the same building, so if you live here and you don’t go here, I would have to shake you and slap you around a little bit. I would KILL for these amenities in my building. I’m sure they don’t come cheap, but this is NYC. We aren’t exactly known for our cheap living options.

You can also join the club as a member, and their annual membership is the best deal: $189/month and you can cancel ANYTIME. You know how most gyms will make you talk to 3 people and fight a hungry python before letting you cancel? Yea. Not the case here. You can also just do a day pass for $40, which is a steal compared to some other gyms out there that don’t have HALF the options.

Go forth, my healthy brethren. NAMASTE.


Life Time at Sky

605 West 42nd Street

Website: Life Time Fitness







  1. Oh plz you definitely got paid for this article. I live the ‘sky’ and the gym and building are overpriced and overhyped. #liar

    • Actually, you are wrong. I didn’t get paid for it. But thanks for calling me a liar without having the facts. I never said it was cheap in fact I stated that in my post that I’m sure it’s expensive to live there. I think the day pass is a good buy though. And the place is sick in my opinion. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean I’m a liar. #nicetry

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