Happy 10-Year Anniversary to The Smith


No really, this is my church.

The Smith holds a very special place in my heart. The original location in the East Village is where I discovered what it meant to be “brunch cool”. Unfamiliar with the term? Read on.

The “brunch cool” people are the ones who manage to look both hungover and fabulous at the same time, have friends of equal or greater attractiveness, and they wear things like ripped jeans, leggings, slip on shoes (Vans, Sperrys), sunglasses, and oversized knit sweaters. Maybe with a hole or two in the neck or elbow. Holes in the clothes sure as shit don’t mean holes in the pockets anymore. It costs money to look like someone mugged you.

Even couples at brunch are “brunch cool”. They’re the ones who haven’t lost the magic yet, you know? They can share a Bloody Mary without getting into a fight about the laundry or the dirty mugs in the sink.

I’ve been coming to The Smith for nearly 10 years, since its birth in 2008. Fun fact: that was also the birth year of The Skinny Pig! Having heard all the buzz about this place, I remember distinctly walking in and being excited just to be there. Remember your 20’s? Fresh experiences? Same. I don’t have those anymore. Or if I do, it’s probably because they’re not actually new and I just forgot I’ve been there. Early onset alzheimer’s? Probably. But I digress…

I even remember what I ordered: eggs benedict on a potato waffle with green pesto hollandaise. Well, I think it was pesto. All I remember is that it was delicious and I joked that it was like “green eggs & ham”. Clearly my sense of humor has not changed much over the years.

I love The Smith for literally any occasion; brunch, lunch, dinner with the family, drinks, even a date. One caveat: it’s loud. But if you’re anything like me, you don’t necessarily want to hear your family anyway, and you love to people watch on a date. Overarching theme: it’s versatile.

Here are my don’t miss items, in no particular order:

Mac n cheese

Hot Potato Chips and Blue Cheese Fondue

Eggs Benedict

If you get over there for brunch soon, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And I hope you look and feel as “brunch cool” as I did 10 years ago. Now I just know that I’m not “brunch cool” because with age comes acceptance.

Speaking of, if you want to WIN FREE BRUNCH for a year, they are doing a little Instagram contest! Just share your favorite memory from The Smith on Instagram and tag it with #MySmithStory, and tag @thesmithrestaurant in the photo too. They will select one lucky winner when they pick their favorite entry. DO IT. Totally worth it. Photos below for proof,

The Smith – East Village

55 3rd Ave (btwn 10th & 11th St)

Website: The Smith


  1. Nevermind my earlier question vis-a-vis The Smith location — haven’t (yet) been to the Smith downtown (every time we meant to get down there we wound up at Schiller’s, S’mac or Balaboosta). I’m sure their East Village location is equally awesome as their others, just haven’t (yet) gotten there 😉

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