Dinner at: Tang Hot Pot

I’m going to level with you here.

This is not my favorite type of food, but damn does it have it’s moments. And photographs well.

Hot pot restaurants always sound very appealing to me, probably because the quality of the food is amazing. I mean, just look at the marbling on those meats. It’s insane. But there is usually a heavy seafood focus and I’m just not a big seafood eater. I didn’t grow up with it (despite being half-Greek) and I just never crave it. There is never a day in my life where I’m like “man I just want some crab”. Like…it doesn’t happen. I could never be a pescatarian.

But I digress. Loved the space here – a sleek bar right up front, while green and gold tables line the wall of the first floor. Then, just upstairs you’ll find the private dining room, where we ate. #VIP

Two giant hot pots were placed down in the table, and our friendly server turned them on to start heating. Within minutes, we had bubbling, spicy broth to cook our meats, fish, and noodles. Plenty of vegetables and sauces were given too, and I’m a big fan of dipping sauces. The sesame truffle had to be my favorite – pair it with the beef and thank me later.

Also if you have a chance to visit their sister restaurant, The Tang, you should. Great noodle spot.

Tang Hot Pot

135 Bowery btwn Broome & Grand St

Website: Tang Hot Pot

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