Happy New Year! Top Nine Posts on Instagram

2018 is upon us, friends. If you’re anything like me, you’re battling a hangover and being lazy. Maybe you’re on your second or third Seamless order of the day. If you are, then we are quite literally on the same page.

Part of me wanted to do a year in review like I did last year. The other part of me wants to take a bubble bath. Guess what? Bubble bath is winning.

So, in honor of the new year and my promise to listen to my gut, I’m going to leave you with my top nine posts on Instagram instead. Less reading and more drooling. Just click the photo to see the dish and where it’s from. You’re welcome.

And ps – maybe I’ll still do a recap, but for now, this is what you get. Happy New Year to all and let’s hope 2018 is a success 🙂


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