Happy Hour at: Bodega Negra

Ahhh happy hour. A classic pastime for 9-5’ers, 10-6’ers, and basically anyone who works in an office.

Truthfully, you don’t have to be a disgruntled publishing minion to reap the benefits of a good HH special. I work for myself and I can always feel my tongue getting dry from the lack of whiskey as we creep towards 5 pm.

Enter: Bodega Negra. They have an awesome happy hour special called “$8 Till Eight” – 8 items, each $8.

There’s 3 cocktails and 5 snacks, including guacamole, nachos, and queso fundido (my personal fave). The portions were big (aka the guac was NOT the size of a NyQuil dosage cup), and a drink in the Meatpacking district will typically run you upwards of $14. Do you get the picture yet? Trying to stress how great of a deal this is. More pics below. Cheers, my fellow stressed out brethren.

Bodega Negra

355 West 16th St

Website: Bodega Negra

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