Dinner at: Quality Eats (Nomad)

If you’ve never been to Quality Meats or Quality Italian…I’m going to have to ask you to reevaluate some things in your life.

That said, I’m not here to make you feel bad about yourself. I’m just trying to help. Like that random Netflix documentary you decided to watch that made you question everything. This is like that, but in food blogger form.

Anyway, the team behind those two fantastic spots (Quality Branded) brought us Quality Eats a little while back, a “casual steakhouse” as they like to call it, with great steaks around $30-$35. They have now opened a second location in Nomad, which is also their biggest location yet. In design, it’s a similar aesthetic to their other location in the West Village, complete with pink neon sign above the bar. This space just happens to fit more people (over 100).

This location in Nomad is also their most meat-focused menu yet, HOWEVER, they make an amazing veggie burger too. Because you can’t open a restaurant in NYC without having something for the vegans and vegetarians or you’ll be considered a social pariah (*rolls eyes*). My favorite dish here is the Nueskes bacon with peanut butter and jalapeno-apple jelly, but I wouldn’t sleep on that monstrous “Reuben for Two”, which is just a pork shank with special sauce, Brussels sprouts, cheese sauce, and crusty toasted bread. I’m not sure what two people could eat that in it’s entirety, but I’d like to think my future husband would be able to take that down with me. That’s true love, imho. More below.

Quality Eats Nomad

3 East 28th St. 

Website: Quality Eats Nomad

Hours: 5 PM – 11 PM, Fri-Sat til Midnight, Sunday til 10 PM

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