Passover Nosh at Mile End Deli

For those of you who don’t know, I’m actually half Jewish. My dad is Jewish (from Romania) and my mom is Greek (technically from Sparta, but she’s American). I grew up in a house where religion wasn’t a big focus, but holiday meals always were (shocking). Jews and Greeks love to eat. They have that much in common.

That said, I haven’t celebrated Passover in a very long time because my Safta passed away a few years ago (RIP) and even when she was alive, she moved down to Florida (also shocking). My memories of Passover seder are a little dim, but I DO remember eating hard boiled eggs dipped in salt water, bitter herbs (gross), charoset, and a lot of matzoh with butter. I’m not even sure if butter is allowed..? I’m a terrible half Jew, I don’t know a ton about the rules. So let’s move on.

I stopped in to Mile End Deli the other day, which is an old favorite of mine. A Jewish “deli” by way of Canada, they were the first place in NYC to make poutine and actually make it RIGHT. Probably because, well, Canada. So I fell in love with it almost immediately and have been going back every month like clockwork for their specials. This month was Nashville Hot Chicken Poutine. I have never been to Nashville, but I imagine they’d be proud of this.

While I was there, I thought I’d get some Passover snacks. If you can’t celebrate with your fam, celebrate with Mile End. Love the one you’re with. Photos below and my advice to you is: get the matzoh ball soup and the chopped liver. Be advised that chopped liver is definitely an acquired taste, and if you have a Jewish grandmother, chances are she makes it slightly better.  No self-respecting Jew would EVER say someone else’s chopped liver was better than their grandma’s. That’s at LEAST 10 years of Jewish guilt waiting to happen.

Chag Sameach!

Mile End Deli

53 Bond St

Website: Mile End Deli


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