SOBEWFF 2018 – Part II

The last two days in Miami were the best. And the longest. I went to a club (Mynt Lounge) on Saturday night (morning?) at 12:45 am. I haven’t STARTED my night at 12:45 am since I was seventeen. I also used to wait in lines and not wear jackets in freezing temperatures.

My point is that I was young and stupid. Now I guess I’m old and stupid.

In truth, it was a lot of fun. I have discovered that when you mentally prepare yourself for situations like that, it becomes a lot easier to enjoy them. Spontaneity is not hardwired into my central nervous system. In fact I’m pretty sure the nervous in my central nervous system is the most active part of it.

Here’s a few extra notes about Saturday and Sunday in Miami for the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Saturday started with the #NewTaste party at the Versace Villa, hosted by Wine n Dine app and Chef JJ Johnson. There was a line out the door to get in, refreshing Ketel One cocktails (my favorite), pretty people, great food, and a cameo by Action Bronson. I was hiding out in the shade though, trying not to sweat all over everyone.

There was also an insane brunch spread at Prime One Twelve, with a special menu created just for us. Imagine 15 people with cameras hovering over each other trying to get “the shot”. If you want to know how to pluck at my anxiety very slowly, that’s the way to do it. But they quelled that somewhat by providing a goblet of bacon to start the meal. Not to mention the breakfast lasagna was amazing – I’d love to duplicate that in my kitchen one of these days. *puts on thinking cap*

Saturday night, I stopped by the Sweet Moves event at The Loews hotel and ate cookies and brownies for dinner. Then my friends from home happened to join the trip this year, so we went to Mynt Lounge (as I mentioned previously) and had an over the top night complete with Big Heads and bottles. I don’t know why Mr. Chow from The Hangover movies was the mascot of the evening, but we ran with it. What can I say? We have fun.

Sunday I hit up the Grand Tasting on the beach – imagine giant tents filled with different food and wine vendors and product demos. That’s what the Grand Tasting is. Make sure to dress comfortably and slather on the SPF though because it gets hot out there. Ladies – DON’T wear heels. This is not the time.

After that, we headed to the Beachside BBQ which was probably my favorite event out of everything. Not too crowded, with delicious slow-cooked meats. You can’t go wrong. Go to 1:40 of the second video for the best part. That was 100% real and not planned. I watch it when I want to make myself smile. And again, it’s on the beach like the Grand Tasting so NO HEELS. I cannot stress this enough.

Sunday night we relocated to The W Miami hotel in downtown Brickell, which is outside of South Beach. They gave us an amazing suite and the rooftop pool is on the 50th floor! So…you can imagine those views. And if you can’t imagine it, that’s what vlogs are for.

We also got to preview some of the new menu items for the restaurant in the W Miami, which we hear is being renamed and under embargo so check back with me on that. It was delicious though – the dessert (molten chocolate lava cake) was my favorite and I am NOT a sweets person. It’s one of those things that I see on the dessert menu but never order it because it’s usually boring. Not this one. Beautiful presentation and immaculate attention to details like gold dusted raspberries, blueberries and graham cracker crumbs.

Now I’ll stop rambling. Enjoy the pics!

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