Tacos & Cocktails at: Borrachito

When you get wind of a restaurant opening and the location in question consists of “street style tacos and tequila”, you get your drinking pants on and go.

The space is called Borrachito, and it’s a “reverse-speakeasy”, if you will. Meaning the bar (The Garret East) is up front, serving beautiful cocktails and plenty of #vibes, and the tacos are somewhat hidden in the back. The tiny space that was once an intimate dining experience called Dinnertable has transformed into a trendy taco stand. Don’t let that term fool you though, because these are some delicious tacos. Nothing overly fancy here – just perfectly cooked steak, barbacoa, and fish tacos with a hint of flair.

The Pork Bomb taco consists of carnitas, house pico de gallo and chicharrons. The pork is prepared 3 different ways: roasted pork belly, confit pork shoulder and deep fried pork skin. So perfect. And if you like spicy, try the Shortrib Barbacoa with cilantro jalapeno chimichurri. The Burrata taco I found most interesting, which was literally a tiny ball of burrata on top of a corn tortilla with tomatillo avocado salsa. What a time to be alive. They also have guac, street corn (MY FAVE), and ceviche, just in case tacos aren’t your thing (but why wouldn’t they be?)

As for the cocktails – The Garret doesn’t mess around. Full menu for that here and photographic evidence below.

The takeaway here, is that there’s nothing better than getting tipsy in a bar, then walking a mere 5 feet to get an amazing taco. That’s all, folks.

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