Dinner at: The VNYL

No, it’s not VINYL like a record, it’s The VNYL which stands for Vintage New York Lifestyle.

When you walk in and see records lining the walls, you might want to call it VINYL. But then you go upstairs to the different rooms and catch the 70’s Palm Springs ambiance, and THEN you get why it’s called VNYL. So vintage, so New York, and so lifestyle.

All joking aside, I LOVE the space here. That might be because I have a strong belief that I lived another life as a music-obsessed party boy in the 70’s…but I digress. Anything with a vintage feel like this I’m automatically drawn to, so I was excited to check out the different floors and the food in this East Village hotspot. The “Champagne Room” is my favorite room for two reasons:

1 – the lighting for food photos is primo

2 – there’s a hammock-like swing

Why is there a hammock-like swing? I’m not sure, but I’m not upset about it. There’s also a glowing neon light above the staircase that says “Take Me To Church” which is one of my favorite songs ever (from this decade). It gives me the #feels.

All things considered, The VNYL is a fun place to go for drinks and dancing late into the night, but if you wanted to eat dinner as well, you’d be satisfied. And frankly, you’d be smart to carb up a bit. My picks were definitely the sliders with Comte cheese, bacon, fried onions, and “Dat Sauce” on mini brioche buns, and the Yellowfin tuna poke with cucumber, avocado, seaweed, scallions, ponzu and fried wonton chips. The cocktails are creative and pretty as well. Below for pics. Make this your next night out with the gals (or guys).


100 3rd Ave

Website Menu: The VNYL

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